Newsarama Review: Dead Space

Newsarama Says:
"Electronic Arts is known primarily for three things: Yearly sports franchises, The Sims family of games, and buying game company after game company. Their Redwood Shores development team has worked on massively successful games in The Sims series, last year's Simpsons Game, and a couple in the Lord of the Rings franchise. That isn't exactly the ideal résumé for a team to work on a survival horror over-the-shoulder action game, though. Apparently this development team doesn't care about résumés, because they've created a nearly perfect game, and absolutely a perfect example of how story, gameplay, and scary-as-hell moments can all come together for a really fun ride."

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bunbun7773717d ago

10-10? im happy with the 8.5's- but right on right on- still day uno for moi.

Wolf8733717d ago

another good review for the game. But it looks as if though the game could go either way, depending on person's taste in games. However, I still can't decide, Spider-Man or this, both look nice.

ReaperXL73717d ago

Dead Space is by far the best Surival Horror game i've ever played and Resident Evil is going to have to bring on one hell of a show to beat it.

Wolf8733717d ago

How? Well if you have, how's the difficulty of the game. Does it gets frustrating easily for people with little to no shooter-game background?

LucasSiegel3717d ago

Hey Wolf, I didn't make any mention in the review, so I thought I'd tell you here. The "easy" setting is perfect for someone new to shooters. The difficulty is gradual enough that you'll get through it without throwing your controller across the room, but also still feel like you accomplished something.

Wolf8733717d ago

it'd really help me make up my mind now. I've had bad experiences with shooters, I'm not that good with them. Doom 3 and Quake 3 are about the only games I managed to play, sometimes with cheats on for the sake of story (stories are my main reasons for playing games). Also I like horror very much, so I have to have Dead Space cause I'm hearing lots of positive stuff about it being better horror than Silent Hill and AITD.

ReaperXL73717d ago

I was lucky enough to get my pre-order early, and the diffculty really isent too hard on the easier settings, but the hardest diffculty level is pretty brutal.

There is no quick turn feature so for some that may be frustrating but I think it actually adds to the suspence, and sometimes the guide feature can point you in the wrong direction, but both of these are minor complaints with all of the great things I can say about it.

Deadspace may actually be one of the best games this year, and I would recommend it to anyone who can stomache horror.

Wolf8733716d ago

Just one last detail, I'm planning to pick it up for PS3 so naturally I feel compelled to ask this, does PS3 and 360 version differ in terms of quality?

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