Xboxer: Thoughts on the Sea of Thieves Beta

Martin Hehir of Xboxer writes: Despite being quite familiar with the terms for as long as I can remember, I’d never really understood the nautical trappings associated with ‘port and starboard’. I’d never needed to. To begin using them in a videogame would, I assume, surely represent the kind of overly fussy dedication reserved for the most stalwart of model train aficionados, beer drinkers who keep notes in a closely-guarded little black book, rigidly-organised people who wear specifically coloured socks on days that begin with a ‘T’. And yet here I was; adrift on the open sea with a rag-tag band of recently acquired, good-humoured crewmates, being pursued by two of the most salty of seadogs – the kind whose ship you’d recently sunk, and loot plundered!

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