Shenmue III Trailer Shows Characters, Environments, and Much More

A Shenmue III trailer showcases characters, rich environments, quicktime events, and more interesting elements, with a relevant caveat.

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Angainor7172d ago

To avoid any misunderstandings, they confirmed that these screenshots are from a Gamescom 2017 build that for some reason didn't make it in to public. It's the same footage just extended and before the addition of the facial expressions. You can see it as it is clearly written on the video

Muigi172d ago

Graphics look like some ass.

Tazzy172d ago

You must not be able to read it says the footage was from Gamescom 2017 in the beginning that was 6 months ago.

hafupod171d ago

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Sitdown171d ago

You must not be able to read, because who said there will be a bump in graphics? Perhaps it is supposed to look like the original.

dillydadally171d ago

Especially the main character's face. Everyone keeps complaining about the lack of facial animation, but his face looks like it was modeled for the Dreamcast still. It doesn't look realistic at all.

Prince-Ali171d ago

so you're just too stupid to be able to read..?

dillydadally171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

@Prince-Ali You're calling me stupid and unable to read? Look in the mirror idiot. I was responding specifically to a comment referencing these screenshots. No where did I say I wasn't aware they weren't current graphics, just that the ones here have facial problems.

Not only that, but speaking of being unable to read, the article has links to screenshots that are current, and his face looks the exact same. The major change is they've added facial animations that were lacking in the video, but the main characters face still looks plastic and with oddly pinched proportions in the current screenshots.

Tazzy171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

@Sitdown And who said there wouldn't be a bump in the graphics I'm going to say there is going to be a bump in the graphics and the video is a video taken from a tv screen or monitor.

Muigi170d ago

It was a sarcastic response to the first comment...but I forgot I'm on N4G 🤦🏾‍♂️

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Vasto172d ago

So this is a QTE game?

1-pwnsause-1172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Shenmue started QTEs, but it wasnt just QTEs......It was an open world game, one of the first of its kind...Its combat system was similar to Virtua Fighter. there are certain events that trigger QTEs.

SinkingSage171d ago

Shenmue didn't start QTEs.

1-pwnsause-1171d ago

you're right it wasnt, as games like dragons lair have been around long ago ,but it made them popular.

Abriael172d ago

If you want Shenmue without QTE, you don't want Shenmue.

Vasto172d ago

Never said I wanted it without QTE. Just asked a simple question.

1-pwnsause-1 told me everything I need to know.

G20WLY172d ago

It's on PS4, what do you care? 😁

Vasto172d ago

I don't care about it being on PS4. If I decide to get it the PC version is the one I will be getting. :-)

1-pwnsause-1172d ago

if you do decide to get this game, you need to play the first 2 to understand what happens in Shenmue 3.... One of the main reasons why people go crazy about this game is mainly its story... this game was suppose to 16 chapters long, with chapter 1 being the first game, chapters 3-6 being the second game (chapter 2 was mini comic that was created and shipped on the original Xbox version of Shenmue 2, but you can find it somewhere online)

_-EDMIX-_172d ago

I'm not sure what you're talking about but QTE is not some sort of genre.

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Smitty2020172d ago

Can’t wait for this game!!! Long shot but I am wishing for a remaster of 1/2 before release of the new installment

_-EDMIX-_172d ago

Based on Sega filing for an official website I actually think a remaster in HD is already happening.

shinoff2183171d ago

Really. News to me. That's fantastic

_-EDMIX-_171d ago

@Shin- yup

I think they've likely been working a full remake of some sorts as a port might be too rough and they need to fix things. I think they are just waiting for an official announcement

shinoff2183171d ago

The ball is in seas hands. I would believe with news of 3 releasing Sega would think we should get these out cause alot of people never got to play 1 or 2 or both. So piggyback sales off of 3s release. Me myself I never got to play part 2 my og xbox died and I just went playstation after that. So I'd love for Sega to announce a remaster of 1 and 2 for ps4.

_-EDMIX-_171d ago

They might just be waiting.

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