People Are Still Trying To Make Final Fantasy 6 Look Less Awful On PC

One of the biggest shames in modern gaming is how badly Square Enix mangled its ports of Final Fantasy 5 and Final Fantasy 6 to the PC. Fortunately, modders are still working overtime to try to fix them.

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PhoenixUp212d ago

Unfortunately this is the only way to play FFV on my smartphone. I’d play it on PS3 but I heard the translation for it on PS1 is contentious especially when it comes to Faris

Vits212d ago

The sad part of this version is that if it were not for that ridiculous graphics, it would probably be the best version of the game. Higher resolution sprites for the enemies, PS1 quality soundtrack, GBA quality localization, 8 directions movement, auto-battle and quicksaves.

ccgr211d ago

The story is the main draw, not the visuals

Melankolis211d ago

True. But it's visual's art is not suitable for the game itself.

SuperSonic91211d ago

Exact! Anf this FF has everything. Love it! Also its the first FF i finished twice.