5 Things We Want From God of War PS4

"God of War isn’t far off from it’s April 20 release date at this point and I personally can’t wait to play it. It’s one of the most anticipated titles of 2018 and for good reason. Ever since Sony revealed it at E3 2016 not only have prior God of War fans such as myself been craving it but those who weren’t prior fans are too."

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PhoenixUp292d ago

I want this game to officially be recognized as God of War 4 by every publication

bigmalky292d ago

Did they call it a reboot again? Divots.

Sequel... It is an actual sequel.

TheRealHeisenberg292d ago

No matter what is called, April 20th can't get here fast enough.

I call it God of War 4 myself.

Dark_Knightmare2292d ago

Well when the developers themselves you know the ones making the game decide to call it that then websites will follow suit.

cooperdnizzle291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I hope they don’t use anything from this list. It’s just give me more give me more. God of war is all about pacing, making sure every weapon feels tight and responsive, every character that is in there is well done and thought out and once again all about pacing. You want a bunch of side quest in a god of war game? Nah that’s not what god of war is about. Horrible list and article. Thank god devs don’t have to listen to every person. “What we want to see”. How about let the devs do their jobs.

opinionated291d ago

All I want is control. I hope I’m not “watching” the majority of it. I love Norse mythology, I like Kratos as a character and barlogs writing, the wide linear sounds awesome, the combat sounds sufficient. The only thing that could mess this up for me is pacing.

sampsonon291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

is it me or are we seeing this "what we demand" articles all the time for this game? and if we don't get "what we want" from this game does it become garbage because it didn't meet some journalists expectation.

why don't we all allow the devs to do what they do without making their job harder and have them second guess what they're doing.

imagine some of the great musical artist making music they thought people would like instead of making what they like... just saying.