Call of Duty: WW2 Update Makes Quick Scoping Harder

Quick Scoping has been a part of the Call of Duty franchise since the very beginning. Though the entire community is divided over whether they love or hate this feature, it is still considered as one of the most popular features of the game. But now Activision has rolled out a new update for the game, let's see how the community takes it. You can also read about all the other changes in the link below.

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Majors297d ago

Good They should remove it completely as it requires no skill what so ever

Kabaneri297d ago

They wont because it caters to a big portion of their community.

Movefasta1993297d ago

There are channels dedicated to quick scopers who have millions of subscribers so I doubt they’ll ever take it off

Sonic_Vs_Mario297d ago

With duplicate accounts and bots. Take away those then the community is a minority.

DialgaMarine297d ago

Unfortunately, when they originally removed it, it led to all the prepubescent kids in the community to get their spongebob underwear in a knot and start crying and going as far as to send death threats to the developers. In the real world, mommy and daddy hate them, so that’s why the Xbox and PlayStation do the babysitting and give a false sense of success by allowing them to do something that requires no skill whatsoever.

neocores8055297d ago

People saying it takes NO SKIL Lare the same people who cant do cuz they have no skill lol

DialgaMarine297d ago

Or maybe we just don’t do it because it because it’s stupid and we aren’t children needing to use a glitch in a video game as an outlet to develope a false sense of pride.

neocores8055297d ago

LOL a glitch?? its not a glitch QS been around since cod 2 lol like i said NO SKILLS

DrumBeat297d ago

People who defend it always seem to be poor spellers.

neocores8055297d ago

And people who sit there to talk about grammar on the internet have nothing else to do other then talk about spelling as i said NO SKILL AGAIN :)

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297d ago
lnfiniteLoop297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

also pistols are still overpowered... but hey its been like that on COD/MW for ages now... and theve only just decided to deal with nerfing the sniper rifles a little bit... should have eradicated quickscoping ages ago, and added some decent proper sniping maps...

TheColbertinator297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

Best news from a COD game in a decade

DialgaMarine297d ago

Nah, the best news was back when they removed it completely.

Profchaos297d ago

Best cod game in a decade they finally stopped catering to 12 year old kids and took it back to what the original fans wanted

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