VG LittleBigPlanet Review

Norway's largest and most popular newspaper reviews LittleBigPlanet.

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TheColbertinator3687d ago

lol the 6/6 grading system is so weird

andron3687d ago

It's just the standard in Norwegian tabloids...

play_b3yond3687d ago

How many copies would you people think this game would sell in the first week of release and after Christmas?
My prediction is about 2-3 million in the first week and about 6-8 million after Christmas. I'm sure this game would sell more than all 3 Halo games combined in it's lifetime.

Lanoire3687d ago

Because when all is said and done, two of the highest rated games in 2008 which are also two of the highest rated games ever, are only found on the PS3.

And this is just the beginning.

LBP is GOTY contender.
Other contenders.
Mirrors edge
Mario Galaxy

LBP has no competition. It obliterates anything in its path.

Apocwhen3687d ago

It's hard to say. I know several friends with PS3's who I would consider hardcore gamers and they said they weren't buying this game because it was too cutsie/kiddie for them and didn't think they would have the time to make levels. They are more into Racing and FPS type games.

I have it preordered myself and I enjoyed the beta, plus I'm thinking of getting this for my g/f so that it can be something to play together.

Apocwhen3687d ago

"Other Contenders
Mario Galaxy"

Wasn't Mario Galaxy out last year.

jaysquared3687d ago

I dont think this is going to sell as much as Halo.. Dont get me wrong it sounds like a great game but like Apoc said most of the PS3/360 fanbase are more towards the hardcore/shooter/action games not kiddy games and I dont think many parents are going to go out and buy a $400 console so that their 5-11 year old kids can play this game. Now if this game was on the Wii I have no doubt it would sell more than 2 million on its release date and more than 10 million in its lifetime.

theEnemy3687d ago

Mirror's Edge ?
Mario Galaxy ?

Are you kidding me ?

Here are the contenders for GOTY of 2008:

Gears of War:2

Oh yeah, 3 of those are PS3 exclusives. :)

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eric1003687d ago

No wonder SONY is releasing the LBP bundle in europe

almost all european websites except EDge/eurogamer/gamesradar and their affiliates will give LBP a perfect score

X360 is now declared officially dead in europe

OHH it was dead there ages ago. LBP is the final nail in the coffin

Daz3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

i, still enjoy playing my pc, ps3 and pc and 360 which is not dead in europe. Thats what people said when mgs4 came but didnt happen lol.

Being a gamer great haha.

i preorderd saint row 2 on 360, lBP for ps3 and fary cry 2 for pc lol

disagree for the truth dame lol

Shaka2K63687d ago


LBP = The most innovative game of the forever.

TheMART3687d ago

Uhm.... Its the ONLY AAA game on the PS3. The other thing getting the score of 9 out of 10 average is a cutscene BluRay with little gameplay on top.

This is the first system defining game for the PS3. MGS4 was only for MGS fans and those that want to watch for a story, not much play.

heyheyhey3687d ago


so MART, it's gone from "hahah the PS3 only has one AAA MGS4" to "hahahahahaa PS3 has no AAA MGS4 is a movie lol"

are you going to find an excuse for LBP as well? are you going to feel the need to find an excuse for EVERY AAA PS3 game??

LBP- only for kids
GOW3- not enough red on Kratos
KZ2- graphics are too good, it's broken my perception of reality
Heavy Rain- QTE LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!
Uncharted 2- Gears copy LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!
Resistance 2- wait a sec? the graphics are nearly better than Gears??? OMGIMGONNACRY 1/10!!!!!!!!!!!!


just accept it, MGS4 is a great game for ANYONE to play- if your over 10 or something years old otherwise it's a bit too difficult to grasp

3687d ago
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i_like_ff73687d ago

Who does a friken review out of 6???

fredrikpedersen3687d ago

A newspaper who also reviews music, film and other media

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3687d ago

In this case, it doesn't really matter...

6/6 = 100% = 10/10 = 5/5 = 42/42 = 135654/135654

VgStrat3687d ago

Pretty much all of the newspapers in norway, I just know one that has 10\10.

Btw, I am norwegian;)

Overr8ed3687d ago

its a popular newspaper so why complain? does anyone know if this paper is known for doing a Video Game review?

andron3687d ago

Where they review the weeks biggest games in the paper. They also have more reviews on their web site.

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