Top 5 Gaming Costumes That Will Make You The Center Of Attention This Halloween

GameXtract writes "Halloween is just around the corner, and it always brings back good memories of my younger days. It brings back so many memories that I decide to in fact try it again only to be disappointed when people refuse to give me candy upon knocking on their door, and saying the magic word. Of course their are some who have managed to get around this age limit, and find ways of retrieving their hard earned candy. One of the most commons ways is to just fetch your kid, and get him to go around, and get all the candy you need, but for those who don't have children, snatching a kid off the street probably wouldn't be the best idea. The second best idea is to simply make the best Halloween costume ever in which case they then can't refuse to say no when you ask for candy. And if you suck at making costumes? Buy one! Duh! Today we have the top five gaming related costumes that will surely get you all the candy filled happiness you've been dieing to get this October 31st."

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