Burnout Paradise Remastered vs Original Early Graphics Comparison

Burnout Paradise was a milestone in the series introducing well known and gamers favourite mechanics into open world. A lot of additional features and long term back up by the devs made this title memorable for years. Many players were happy hearing their beloved racer will come back with upgraded graphics. Let’s have a look on the very first graphics comparison of the original running on PS3 and upcoming remastered version. How do you like it?

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Godmars290267d ago

Less foggy, but that's it.

DialgaMarine267d ago

There might also be better crash physics and particle effects, but it’s hard to say.

Godmars290267d ago

I imagine only the latter and then only as a remote possibility. Given how most remasters are only about improved resolution and sharper graphics.

Perjoss266d ago

Isn't this an EA game? they're not gonna spend money where they don't have to, those are precious resources that could be invested in lootbox research instead.

UnHoly_One266d ago

"lootbox research" made me lol

blackblades266d ago

In a remake yeah, remaster na.

Eidolon266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Depends on who does it, really. Physics, nah. Particle effects, lighting, AF, and other tweaks.. sure, but from EA? Lol, I won't have high hopes. Maybe some innovative microstransactions.

Goldby266d ago


Showcase token,

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Smitty2020266d ago

Will it be worth the price tag

LonDonE266d ago

hmmmmm, i hope this is a sign that a new gen burnout game is on its way!! i would love a burnout paradise sequel, that game is awesome!! lets hope!

this is kinda pointless for x1 owners as we can still play the 360 version via back combat.

spoonard266d ago

Not for $40. I'll be grabbing it when it's on sale...for about $5.

ONESHOTV2267d ago

original ???? the PC version lol anyone that buys this is a fool when the PC version is the remaster BTW I own it on PC why don't they just remaster revenge or one of the other burnout why this ??? lol sure as hell not buying it though

princejb134266d ago

not everyone likes to play on pc. I had this game on ps3 and will be purchasing the remaster also. For me this is game was my favorite racing game last gen

ONESHOTV2266d ago

"not everyone likes to play on pc" equals to what I cant afford it or I'm a tool that follows everything that other people say, dude, you don't need a high-end rig to play old games and I'm sure it's better than the console version you played

Razzer266d ago

^^Says the "tool" who thinks he has the right to tell others how they should play games^^^

AnubisG266d ago (Edited 266d ago )


I can buy a $3000 gaming PC whenever I want without breakng the bank. However, I don't like to game on PC either and I have my reasons. I used to, but I got fed up with it. I'm more than happy playing on consoles. It's not about the money and you should be ashamed for assuming that people who don't game on PC don't do it because they are poor. If you enjoy PC gaming, go play it. But PC is not the end all be all gaming platform you think it is.

ZombieKiller266d ago

Oneshot: I still prefer my Playstation, like I always have. I prefer trophies, and exclusives, and the friends I've had for the last 10 years.
Glad you think you speak for everyone in here. Your agrees show that you know whats best for everyone.
Did you ever stop to think that not everyone games like you? Glad to hear YOU ARE the general consensus though congrats!

Oh and by the way, I probably make more money than both your parents.

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InTheZoneAC266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Some people don't want to play on their PC, even when I have a more than capable one. You crying over someone not playing on PC is ridiculous. I could easily say what's the matter with you PC players, too incapable playing with a controller? And if you want to miss out on exclusives because of millennial PC pride so be it

ONESHOTV2266d ago

InTheZoneAC----- please if you think controllers are the only problem then you need t open your eye bud

Gridknac266d ago

Yeah I own it too on pc, I think I gave maybe $2 for it. I've seen nothing in any of these remaster screens n videos thats any better than the 4k60fps that already exists in my $2 copy. I agree too that it should have been burnout revenge that got the remaster. The open worldness of paradise really didn't sit well with me for a burnout game, based upon the previous 4 entries. But I would be more than happy if I could just play revenge on my pc.

Axecution266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

I have a very good gaming PC I built connected to a 4k monitor and my 4k tv and i obviously have Burnout in my steam library but I'm still getting the remaster for ps4 because that's where I play most of my games. Its just so much more convenient and enjoyable playing on console imo and it's where all my friends play.

ONESHOTV2266d ago

Axecution---- I don't see anything wrong with that but have not played with any one of the people on my friend's list since 2011 BF3 days but any way steam is the way for me. but the people you played with wasn't the topic it's that people are buying into this trash remaster when there is no need for it when a better version is easily bought and can be played on a low-end machine.

Axecution266d ago

I disagree. I see a need for it and the vast majority of people commenting here and on the ps blog agree

ONESHOTV2266d ago

Axecution----"I disagree. I see a need for it and the vast majority of people commenting here and on the ps blog agree" well what do you know console gamers that cant play burnout paradise want to burn out on their console of choice don't you think that's a given I would think so you don't see PC gamer or even Xbox gamers crying out for this remaster because it's already on their platform do you see where I'm getting at I won't say any more

Razzer266d ago

Seriously oneshit, why the hell do you even care?

Axecution266d ago (Edited 266d ago )



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InTheZoneAC266d ago

And you people assume way too much. I said one thing about controllers and PC players lacking the coordination to play with them and you assume that's the only argument I have. Get over yourself

ONESHOTV2266d ago

dude what are you on about you should get over your self, not everyone wants to game on a console because there are more drawbacks than good.

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_-EDMIX-_266d ago

Not everybody is going to play on PC and to my understanding buying the PC version is not going to magically make it create more assets.

It would be like trying to say if you buy the first Metal Gear Solid on PC it's suddenly going to look like twin Snakes at some point you need to realize that's not really how that actually works....

As somebody that owns a gaming PC and plays on consoles I'm literally telling you right now that buying a better GPU is not going to make more assets out of thin air for a game. This is something that is an absolutely huge misconception and either people who are not educated on PC gaming or just a very very new have this idea that because they own a gaming PC they're technically playing the equivalent of a "remastered version" when in reality if that remastered version is adding specific assets textures and other features it means that no GPU is going to actually create those things for you if you own the original.

The only thing that could do something like that is actual mods, and not every game supports mods. And even mods have nothing to do with having the GPU and everything to do with simply being able to code the game.

So this idea that if you own the original on PC you're playing a "remastered version" equivalent to what is releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one is actually a huge amateur misconception.

I'm still trying to figure out how a GPU is going to magically create assets and include other features 🤔🤔🤔

I mean it would be like trying to say you don't need to buy the Dark Souls remaster because you own the original version on PC, so when on Earth did the original version run in the Dark Souls 3 engine? 😂😂😂 28514;

This is starting to sound like you simply think you know something about PC gaming it only reveals that you know very very little.

Gridknac263d ago

No one said it looks magiclly better. The point was the footage being shown as a remastered product for $40, already looks like that on pc. It looked like that dayone on pc. No magic needed. Also it's not just about the assets. Doubling the rez to 4k makes any older game look remastered. Just play he first dead space in 4k. Yeah the textures and poly counts are the same, but it looks so much better. So by upgrading to a 4k capable gpu today vs the gpu you were using in 2010 when the game came out. Yes the game would look and perform better, even though the assets were the same.

360ICE266d ago

"You don't need a high end rig"
No, but I need way more time and patience. Consoles work the best for me, thanks. No problem with people who prefer PC.

isa_scout266d ago

I have a rig and plan on buying it for console. It all comes down to preference.

mafiahajeri266d ago

Lol I hate gaming on PC and my bros have badass rigs and I still can't bring myself to game on PC.

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Araragifeels 266d ago

But Skyrim get a free pass for $60 dollars

Forn266d ago

I bought it at $30, so I obviously didn't give it a free pass at $60.

xPhearR3dx266d ago

Skyrim also added mod support further expanding the life of the game. They also change the architecture in which the game ran on, along with many texture improvement, more foliage, better lighter with volumetric lighting etc.There were plenty of reasons for Skyrim's "Remaster" and it was also given to everyone on PC for free if you owned the original. Not to mention the improvements were extremely noticeable and there was a clear indication work was put in.

This? This though? This is literally a resolution bump with anti aliasing. So no, this isn't worth 40 bucks. This is a first attempt at a "remaster" for EA and to no ones surprise, they took the cheap lazy way. Announce it and release it within a month with no actual work put in. The bigger issue here is everyone is caught up in nostalgia. When Star Wars BF2 was release, everyone was "F EA, I'm boycotting you!!!". But sure enough, let them announce an older Burnout game people love, give it a resolution bump and less jaggies and everyone flocks to it like "OMG I CAN"T BELIEVE WERE FINALLY GETTING A BURNOUT REMASTER".

_-EDMIX-_266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Except how do you know he agrees with that? Seriously unless you have that user specifically saying something that contradicts this, please don't just assume.

I bought Skyrim on sale on PlayStation Network for about 20 bucks.

Keep in mind I would have had no problem actually buying it for full price if that fall wasn't so packed with so many games I believe with Mod support all the downloadable content in the enhancement that actually was worth the full price.

This game is not giving you mod support....

I'm not even entirely sure if this game is giving you all the downloadable content or simply most of it.

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Kribwalker266d ago

especially when you can play it backwards compatible on Xbox. It’s way cheaper and the difference isn’t great

_-EDMIX-_266d ago

Playing on backwards compatibility is going to give you new assets?

Kribwalker266d ago

well if you don’t wanna pay $40 for it you can get it for dirt cheap and play it backwards compatible. It won’t give you more assets but it won’t make you buy the game again

cfc83267d ago

I'm guessing the people who do proper re-masters didn't do this.

AnubisG266d ago

EA had this done the EA way.

Forn266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

EA obviously doesn't want to actually spend time, money and energy into remaking a game from the ground up like Bluepoint did for Shadow of the Colossus. And in return I won't be buying their garbage.

_-EDMIX-_266d ago

That might actually be because one of the biggest things about burnout is the feel of the game and they probably believed it made more sense to Simply do a remaster then to completely rebuild the game from the ground up.

You also have to consider that this is a static game as opposed to some sort of progressive game with a narrative, there wouldn't really be that much reason to completely remake this game from the ground up I would argue with that actually make more sense to just make a new burnout game at the cost that would even take to do that.

So the way I look at it is Sony was willing to pay to have Shadow of the Colossus completely remade because it is a deep narrative-driven game that lots of PlayStation fans love, consider Sony did not do this with God of War 3 so I want you to understand that not everything is as equivalent as you might think.

So in Electronic Arts defense that doesn't actually mean in the future you're not going to see them completely remake some game from the ground up it simply means they chose not to with Burnout Paradise.

Complete remakes from the ground-up in general are actually very rare. I mean put it this way if you think the game is "garbage" now I don't really think it was going to matter if they remade it or not if you think it's garbage currently.. .

Forn266d ago


I don't believe Paradise is garbage, but the way EA goes about their business is. And along with most everybody else, we believe that EA should be bringing their old games back with bigger improvements. Games like Burnout 3 & Revenge, or SSX 1-3.