GSM: Samsung L700 review

GSM Writes:

"Samsung L700 is a nice attempt to bring more style to the lower midrange market. Brushed metal finish and 3G are all it takes to get noticed in this segment. That said, the metal gear will come in handy, as the L700 will have some heavy competition blows to ward off.

Typical for the price bracket, strong assets are offset against some annoying shortcomings. The Samsung L700 trimmed down user interface does the solid and classy exterior no justice. It lacks customization options and has a poor picture gallery, which takes away some from the capable 2 megapixel shooter. The underperforming web browser fails to take full advantage of 3G data speed. There's a really good music player but audio quality is a letdown.

Still the Samsung L700 sports Smart dialing, ShoZu and Google integration, and an office document viewer that might be enough to set it apart. Using it as a Bluetooth 3G modem for your notebook is also an option, so not all is lost in the web department.

In the end it's a matter of priorities and above all - pricing. Anyway, the L700 seems a viable alternative to most handsets in the target segment of 100-150 euro, but another unfortunate trade off can't go unnoticed. Samsung L700 looks above its class, but performs below its looks."

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