Violent Video Games May Be Taxed in New Legislation

A new legislation originating in Rhode Island could potentially tax Mature and higher rated video games 10% extra, and use those funding to pay for mental health services as a means of counter aggression.

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MrAmazing293d ago

Sure, video games cause some violent behaviors in a handful of players but is this a solution to the much larger problem that is going on in the country?

I'm not sold...

SuperSonic91291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Its Mortal Kombat again. Nintendo is at it again....

2pacalypsenow293d ago

If people weren’t shitty parents, they would know not buy 13 year olds Grand Theft auto.

shinoff2183292d ago

Can we tax gun sales an extra 10%?

Tross291d ago

Actually, I've been wondering, even if people in the US are somehow deluded into thinking you need guns for self-defense, how is it that minors can buy guns before they're even allowed to drink, and on what planet could an automatic weapon be construed as "defensive"? Ever hear of a handgun? I disagree that people even need that for self-defense, but you would have a much easier time making a case for having that than a SMG.

Derceto292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Yes, video games are the problem. That's why there are shooting in every school across the entire globe.

Oh wait, no there aren't. It's only in the great USA. What a coincidence.

Way to discreetly try and siphon more money from the public there US govt. So classy.

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