Campo Santo: There Are People Coming At Us With The SJW Bullshit For In The Valley Of Gods

Campo Santo's Sean Vanaman talked about people "coming at the studio with the SJW bullshit" after the first In the Valley of Gods trailer debuted at the TGA 2017, lamenting that Campo Santo was "making a game about minority lesbians".

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Jackhass292d ago

Ignore the haters, Campo Santo -- game looks very promising.

cleft5291d ago

Yeah just make a great game. I really liked what I saw so far.

Mr Pumblechook291d ago

If people are being abusive about the race of the character then they are immature idiots. However this is the same developer who made a very public comment on how he thought PewDiePie was bad for using a racist word in a livestream. Now, to be clear, I strongly believe that there should be a strong diversity of characters but when I see this white CampoSanto developer thinking that he has the right to speak on my behalf and the behalf of my community, I can't help but feel he did it cynically to garner attention with people who vote the same party as him and raise the profile of his game.

If people are being abusive about the race of the character then they are immature idiots. However this is the same developer who made a very public comment of how he thought PewDiePie was bad for using a racist word in a livestream. I think CampoSanto is using their

rainslacker291d ago


What did he say that is speaking on your behalf, or on behalf of your community?

Is including a black character speaking for your community or you? As far as I can tell from the quote in the article, he's simply speaking for himself and his game.

RacerX291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I'm OFFENDED! A skinny white nerd developer made a game about big strong super heroes!

As a super hero myself, this guy has no right representing my kind. He has no idea what I've gone through, and I demand that all development teams working on super hero games hire a super hero to help!

DarXyde290d ago


You jest, but if culture played a role in a game, you should probably get someone from that culture on your project. Assassin's Creed goes all over the world for instance and if there were no Native Americans or Egyptians involved in their projects, that would be really weird and uninformed.

DarXyde290d ago


Normally, I wouldn't care about down votes (if you disagree, you disagree and I'm fine with that), but I'm curious and would like an explanation (provided you can offer a meaningful one):

I specifically state that **if culture played a role in a game**. I'm not talking about just having a character belonging to a certain demographic and the cultural background doesn't matter. No, I'm saying that IF CULTURE PLAYS A ROLE, they should probably get some people from that culture who understand it to give some input on the game. Hellblade does this by consulting neuroscientists, people suffering from the condition, etc. because it lends authenticity to the game. So please, enlighten me. I'd love to take your thoughts into consideration. Why do you disagree that, if a culture plays a role in a game, the developers should make sure they have someone from that culture weigh in?

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Eonjay291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

No they are not. Social Justice is something we all want. We just don't like people who take thing too far.
Like people who equate asking a coworker to a drink to rape. Nazis are the worst. Child rapists are the worst.

Atticus_finch291d ago

People against SJW are way worst. But please do expand on why social justice is bad.

TheDreamCorridor291d ago

The concept of “Social Justice” makes no sense.

Justice is justice.

Modifying the meaning of justice doesn’t make sense.

ninsigma291d ago

You all realise they said SJWs right?? Meaning social justice warriors. Relient is already referring to the extremists. No need to have a go...

rainslacker291d ago

SJW is a term to describe those who are extremist and tend to not be for social justice, but social dominance. This is usually coupled with an attitude that anyone with a differing opinion should be chastised from society, and in extreme cases, have their life or work ruining publicly as a way for the SJW person to feel good about themselves.

SJW, in general are ineffectual in the bigger scheme, and tend to divert the attention away from real work that can be done to affect constructive positive change.

Someone who is actually for equality or social justice isn't a bad thing. The extremist SJW are more of a problem or nuisance and tend to get more least for the short term.

Cy291d ago

@eonjay and @atticus_finch,

Social justice is bad because it has nothing at all to do with real justice, it's all about punishing or rewarding people based on their race, gender, sexuality, or some unholy combination of all of that. It ranks people based on how far away from being a "straight cis white male" they are, where the further away you are the more deserving of basic human rights you are. In other words, it's an ideology that isn't too far away from the Nazi's you hate. And SJWs defend pedophiles if they toe the SJW line (don't believe me? Search "MAP" on tumblr and experience it for yourself), so don't be so sure "we all" hate child rapists. You hate racists? Great! There's already a word for "not racist", it's called "normal". Modern western society is already pretty damn tolerant, which is why the perpetually aggrieved need to invent things like "microaggressions" to be able to pretend they're still oppressed. Social justice is societal cancer, and it needs to be pushed back against at every turn.

That being said, even if this game was about mixed race lesbians, so what? Not your thing? Don't play it. This isn't someone taking an already established character and changing their race/gender/sexuality to tick off a few diversity boxes. It's an original story with original characters and the creators can do whatever the hell they want with it. As much as I support what anti-sjws are trying to do, some of them need to take a deep breath and calm down. There's a lot of SJW bs to get worked up over, no need to invent some more where it doesn't exist.

Eonjay291d ago (Edited 291d ago )


Those social dominance people aren't real and the few nuts out there are laughable. The power you guys give them is stupid.

If you guys think Social Justice is more dangerous than hate or real injustice then you have been had by internet trolls. Grow some balls. There is no army out there trying to attack white men. So scared of everything all the time. Did someone have an opinion you can't handle? Are you such a bitch that you crumble every time someone insults you?

frostypants290d ago

But this article is about anti-SJW people whining about how he chose to make his game.

Dragonscale290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Social as in socialism, that'll do it for me. Its self explanatory. @Eon, communism is just as bad if not worse. Over 100 million dead people will attest to that.

Atticus_finch290d ago

So someone adding a non-white-male character into their game is offensive. Wow their is no logic in the anti sjw arguments.

PUBG290d ago

@ Atticus

The social justice movement is bad, because it basically says that you are not responsible for your own actions, and that you deserve respect (not earned respect like normal people) and you deserve help from the government at all costs, no matter how ridiculous the cause.

They expect society to support their cause, no matter how harmful to the community their habits or actions may be. The social justice movement is made up of entitled freeloaders, who cannot handle when someone disagrees with them, and they need safe spaces from those who would criticize their beliefs and political opinions.

People involved with social justice are some of the most toxic people you will ever meet, and they do not subscribe to any for of common sense. Everything is 100% emotional to them.

ZombieGamerMan290d ago

@ Eonjay No not everyone wants social justice, not everyone has a victim mentality that blames their short comings on a made up system of oppression that they endure for X reasons. And not everyone is a vile piece of shit that feels the only way to balance out their shittyness and jerk themselves off on how good of a person they are by virtue signalling

DialgaMarine290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

@both Eonjay & Atticus The problem with modern social justice is that it’s become an excuse for people their problems are somehow that much worse than others in an era where everyone has been equal for multiple generations. Reality is that things like gender and race discrimination have been crap for several decades. We live in an age where we are discrimated against economically, and modern SJW’s don’t understand that one bit.

SJW’s aren’t about equality; they’re about preferential treatment.

DarXyde290d ago (Edited 290d ago )


The irony is that, to my knowledge, SJWs are not the ones who coined the term "social justice"; that was created by their critics. In theory, they just want justice (though they sometimes see things that realistically aren't there).

That aside, it sounds like people are making too many assumptions about a game they haven't played yet, or probably won't out of fear of SJW pandering. Good grief.


Nazis are the worst...but pedophiles are also the worst? You know worst implies apex terribleness, yes? The indisputable nadir of humanity. How can two groups be the worst? Let's agree that Nazi pedophiles are the worst. ;0)

But I will say the fact that people have majorly down-voted your assessment that Nazis and pedophiles (or Nazi pedophiles) are worse than SJWs is a bit concerning. SJWs are pretty harmless and, at their worst, invoke some social change that's an inconvenience to you. I can't say Nazis and pedophiles are that docile.

S2Killinit290d ago

I agree. I would say SJWs come second to Racists.

CaptainObvious878290d ago


"Those social dominance people aren't real and the few nuts out there are laughable. The power you guys give them is stupid."

You're either being deliberately stupid or are so being so intellectually disingenuous that it's really beyond the pale. That mountain of evidence surrounding SJWs infecting so many institutions is so much that to suggest it doesn't exist if the equivalent of saying the earth is flat.

Ben Shapiro, a conservative speaker, triggered the sjws at UC Berkley so much that it cost $600k just for security. THAT is systemic.

Lindsey Shepherd was harassed and abused by university staff for daring to show a video of Jordan Peterson. THAT is systemic.

Justine Trudeau, the Canadian minister, recently correctly a student to say peoplekind instead of mankind. THAT is systemic.

And there is many many many many more examples. So please think twice before saying something so utterly wrong and disingenuous.

Maddens Raiders290d ago


Stopped reading after "social justice" is bad...

seems like there's a bunch of groupthinking on N4G these days. Muhammad Ali, considered one of history's greatest athletes, was one of the loudest most defiant voices of social INjustice along with thousands of others, many whom laid down their own lives because of the color of their skin but moreso because of their belief in being treated equally under the law and given the same opportunities and rights in society granted them per the US Const. social Injustices come in many many forms. From the soft bigotry of low expectations, to non-extension of opportunities to work, schooling, cash loans, crime sentencing, you name it. If some in any particular society implicitly, explicitly, knowing or unwittingly contribute to the detriment of others for no other reason other than "social" reasons, then social action has to be enacted to enact social reforms and changes to TRY and help the society as a whole be better. People begin to feel better about themselves and it becomes infectious. A better society equals a better country. Social justice is not bad. Today Muhammad Ali would be told that he's not patriotic and that he hates the country or some nonsense. Sadly it's obvious that some in the thread are simply parroting and peddling right wing conservative talking points. Probably think the guys in Charlotte that showed up with tiki torches and slacks chanting "Jews will not replace us!" are just nice guys and not SJWs.

bluefox755290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

@Eonjay No, they really are. The problem with SJWs is they think they get to forcefully censor people, and infringe on their rights in their crusade to enforce their own definition of social justice. This is inherently authoritarian.
@S2Killinit SJWs ARE racists, just the other side of the coin. They think minorities are incapable of personal responsibility and should be held to a lower standard.

MasterOfThe12Blades290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

@Dragnscale let me guess. You are from the US. You don't have Higher education. You don't really know what socialism is nor do you know the difference between socialism and communism. You Love guns and you vote republicans. Heil Trump.
And to all you other loosers: there is nothing more pathetic than people whining about other people whining on the internet. If you can't stand that other people have different opinions you need to grow some balls. If you really think social justice is a bad you are probably degenerated and dream about times that will never come back. Get used to it!

MorpheusX290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Martin Luther King Jr was for social justice.

The Problem is the term "Social Justice", it's a political game of semantics.

Really what we have here is Liberal Leftist "Gender Politics" , a Gamer I'm against this agenda to push this.

How can this be "Social Justice"? when in reality Whites are @ the top of the Social food chain in Western Society? & don't misunderstand I'm not attacking Caucasians or upset about this fact, just stating some known facts is all.

They've "Hijacked " the term SJW in an attempt to mask the fact that so called SJW's are REALLY pushing Liberal Gender Equality Politics, equal representation for people of the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender etc crowd.

Disney, EA, & others have been making in roads pushing this Ideaology into gaming, & gamers are revolting.

It's all Semantics & mind games, this isn't about Social Justice, it's about LGBTQ Politics strong arming there presence into gaming.

Lastly, if you look @ statistics, Gaming is still by in large a heterosexual male dominated hobby, those are facts.

People of the LGBTQ represent less than 1%, yet there presence is being pushed as if there is a larger majority than there actually is.

I think its great that women are showing signs they love gaming & that we have games with lead female representation, I play some of them myself.

But there is a sinister force attempting to push Liberal Politics under the guise it's about Social Justice.

That simply is not truthful & is very misleading,'s LGBTQ. simple and plain.

Word Games. Smh

joab777290d ago

What is social justice anyway? Is it equality? No. It is not. And that is the problem. It has become an industry which targets people and unrelentlessly works to destroy their lives. How is this productive? It isn't.

There are better ways, especially today, to move towards putting an end to inequalities. And it begins with truth and respect, which is so often absent. It has become ultra political. You can't legislate morality.

Babadook7290d ago

What’s the polar opposite of an SJW? Another SJW. Just sayin. ;)

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rainslacker291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

People over-reacted or assumed they knew everything about the game before it released or something more was said about it?

Say it isn't so!!!

Can you even have a trailer nowadays with a woman, or minority, without being attacked or over-praised based on assumptions which probably hold no weight in the face of the actual game? You can't even do that when the full context is made available after the games release, or the damage control that developers have to waste time on because people like to form solid opinions long before it's good to do so.

GottaBjimmyb290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Honestly, I call BS, most people could care less, in fact, I would say the ones whining are less than 1%, and they are clearly stupid. These game devs have every right to make a game with the story/characters that they think fit best.

I am not a fan of people who want to shoehorn in female characters or certain races just because of "diversity," (and frankly the opposite view is just as stupid, claiming making women characters is wrong) but I am all for a game where they have a specific vision and follow through on it.

My opinion, I could care less what the characters skin color or race is, it is a game, I just car e if I enjoy it

rainslacker289d ago

It certainly is a very small minority that actually care that much. It's said that less than 1% of gamers actually ever say anything about games on forums. I would take that further to say that much less than 1% of those people who comment on games online voice opinions like this among games. The forum goers, or community, of gamers aren't even fully representative of gamers as a whole, and the SJW gamers are representative of no one but themselves and their own little safe spaces which they want to impose on the community, and gaming as a whole. They just want to feel good about themselves. Like they're doing something productive. But that productivity is self-serving, while the community as a whole tends to have the interest of gaming as a whole moving forward.....obvious anecdotal examples notwithstanding.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen290d ago

Most of the people using the term "Social Justice Warrior" are racists and they despise women. Developers should ignore them and make the games that they want to make.

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KaiPow292d ago

Not every game has to make a political statement, just like not every game has to feature a white male protagonist with a shaved head.

NecrumOddBoy291d ago

For them to use terminology like this really makes me happy because they are standing out for a conservative value of free speech in art. We see a very liberal mentality in the arts department, especially in video games and Hollywood and it's nice to see someone taking what would be considered more of a right-wing mentality and it get support from the community. People want to put controversy in for controversy sake and that's the wrong answer. Let people have freedom of expression without identity politics and social justice bullcrap infesting into everything.

Go Campo.

Alexious291d ago

Agreed. They should make the game they have envisioned.

Eonjay291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I say I like conservative and liberal values. There is time for both. Don't let any group box you into a corner. No one owns free speech. That's the point.

kfk290d ago

You seem to have completely missed the point. Campo Santo, as with almost all game developers (and most movie directors, musicians, artists/creators in general) is a liberal studio. They didn't call social justice movements "bullshit" they called bullshit on people who are hating on them by saying that the studio is "SJW". This isn't a right-wing game; which group of people is more likely to hate and decry a game simply because it has black lesbians in it, liberals or conservatives? We already know the answer to that.

DarXyde290d ago

I don't see free speech as a conservative value. It's pretty bipartisan. Most of the prominent liberals like Bill Maher and John Stewart aren't really politically correct. We tend to associate the worst aspects of an extreme subgroup with the whole.

No, most liberals don't condemn free speech and no, most conservatives are not racist. And I think that tendency to attribute and compartmentalize is divisive.

WeAreLegion290d ago

I like your point, but it's wrong in this case. Campo is super liberal.

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Anthotis290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Observe the SJW projecting it's negative perception of games that have a white male lead, while also doing a terrible job of hiding it's contempt of white males.

The SJW uses an opening sentence that is worded in such a way as to make normal people think it is their friend and on their wavelength, but then it quickly and not so subtly has a jab at the white males that it truly hates and thus exposes itself as the bag of slime that it really is and reveals the true purpose for why the disgusting creature commented in the first place.

This is the twisted and slimey nature of the invertebrate SJW.

vigakahesa290d ago

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codelyoko292d ago

As long as it is not forced diversity. That's always a recipe for disaster.

subtenko291d ago

nah man we need a game about _______ (because only of my feels and virtue signaling)

Atticus_finch291d ago

You're right! If it's not a white male protagonist how will you be able to tolerate it.

Atticus_finch291d ago

"Forced diversity" That's the flawed argument people use all the time for anything that doesn't suit them. It must really hurt to know other cultures and races exist, oh the horror!

AnubisG291d ago

Atticus is a closet racist right here peeps.

Atticus_finch290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Anubis haha yes because I'm the one hurt by diversity. Are you projecting?

AnubisG290d ago

Nope, not at all. It's just that you know when someone is a racist when they start talking about "the white man". But that's cool, being racist against white people. No?

I've never been a racists myself. I don't care what color anyone as as long as they are nice people.

NotoriousWhiz290d ago

@Anubis, "forced diversity" isn't about the color of a video game character's skin? Could've fooled me.

AnubisG290d ago


I never said that. Forced diversity IS about the color of peoples skin. It is a stupid thing nust to check some boxes.

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DialgaMarine290d ago

One satisfied SJW is a different SJW getting butthurt.

ccgr291d ago

Game still looks interesting regardless

akaFullMetal291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Campo needs to just make the game they want to make and then people can judge their work or say whatever.