Recent Study Shows That Video Games Improve Focus

According to a study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, playing an hour of video games has a positive effect on the brain.

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Xenophon_York172d ago

....and critical thinking, problem solving skills, spatial recognition, alleviates depression and anxiety, staves off post-traumatic-stress-disorder . The post goes on.

fluxmulder172d ago

I find that I react much faster than other drivers at stoplights, if that counts.

LizardRock172d ago

that's a perfect example, actually.

FinalFantasyFanatic172d ago

I find that I react faster than most people in general and I'm 30 this year.

3-4-5172d ago

Playing games is one of the few times I can actually focus in life. Video games, reading, making music, golfing, watching a movie......probably the only times I can focus.