Why Gamers Should Hate Scalpers

PlayStation's exclusive shoes had a major scalping problem. This just reminds gamers how much scalpers suck!

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Tetsujin291d ago

I hate both scalpers, and the companies who swear "Limited Edition" equally.

Scalpers like to argue supply/demand; and because the majority have "deep pockets" can buy and resell at a higher price.

Limited Edition instead should be more available through other channels outside just websites; especially for those with limited/no Internet connection.

strayanalog291d ago

‎I'm pretty confident we all have our own reasons to hate them. *cough* NES classic *cough*

The one thing to remember is to never feed the scalpers, because it's that rewarding moment when that surplus of what we wanted arrives that makes their prices drop to what it was to begin with that brings a smile to my face. See, not only does it help the ecosystem, but it improves your mood too.‎

2pacalypsenow290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

People obviously are new to shoes, this has been going on for years.

I recently sold a pair of Air Jordan 3 FTL for $530.

Kumakai290d ago

With all do respect here I get the writers point but I don’t think we need to be telling anyone to “hate” anyone else. Too many people getting shot up, too much anger. Maybe say “gamers should reject scalpers”? Or Gamers shouldn’t stand for scalpers.... too much hate going on already and people ar getting violent.

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