SoulCalibur VI Reveals Ivy and Zasalamel as Playable Characters with Trailers and Screenshots

Ivy and Zasalamel return to SoulCalibur VI for PS4, Xbox One, and PC to rejoin the battle in the new chapter of Bandai Namco's fighting series.

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DaFeelz147d ago

Good, how she should be. I was wondering if Namco was gonna fold under pressure. Well done

Abriael147d ago

Faith in humanity: restored.

146d ago
Obscure_Observer146d ago

Ivy... looks so... *_*

Pre ordered! XD

ZaWarudo146d ago

She actually has less clothes than her SC5 appearance. Though her SC4 look was sexier with the underboob.

Mr Marvel147d ago

My favourite character. She looks stunning and exactly how she should look.
Well done Namco!

146d ago
majiebeast146d ago

Ivy still thicc glad they didnt listen to deranged loons that wanted a breast reduction.

_-EDMIX-_146d ago


I believe that's part of her character and I feel the artist who created her should be able to decide if they want to redesign or not.

So I want to be clear it's not as if I'm against some redesign simply I'm only okay with it if the actual artist themselves want that in the first place. I was always okay with Laura Croft redesign because it was something the studio wanted to reinvent the character properly.

So this being a fighting game series part of it is to sort of be exaggerative. If the developers don't care neither do I.

prankster101146d ago

You mean all of RetardEra?

BadElf146d ago

Good to see Ivy looking like this. Gotta support folks like this. Non pc...Non liberal...

_-EDMIX-_146d ago

??? Except you don't really know what their beliefs are whatsoever for all you know the artist just didn't want a redesign.

I mean that doesn't actually show their political affiliation or their beliefs or really anything like that.

CDzNutts145d ago

Yup......showing T&A is super conservative. LMAO

_-EDMIX-_145d ago

I mean based on our current president...sure lol

BlaqMagiq1146d ago

Glad to see my man Zasalamel back after all these years. Gonna main him again.

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The story is too old to be commented.