January 2018 NPD: Switch leads console sales; PlayStation 4 is No. 1 for revenues

More people bought Nintendo Switch consoles than Xbox One or PlayStation 4 systems in January in the U.S., but consumers spent more money on Sony’s system, according to industry-intelligence firm The NPD Group. Don’t worry about the Xbox One, though — it had its best January ever.

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Neonridr209d ago ShowReplies(2)
DialgaMarine209d ago

From the sound of things, the numbers of all 3 were extremely close.

Obscure_Observer209d ago ShowReplies(5)
The Wood209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Well done switch. Solid momentum. . Keep brining the games.

Seems it was a good month all round

darthv72209d ago

3% difference between the 1st and 3rd place entries so yes... a very good month all around.

209d ago
G20WLY209d ago

"Keep brining the games."

Why so salty? 😁

fr0sty209d ago

Sounds like a very healthy market.

galmi209d ago

Dont know why mentioning its a healthy market will amount to downvotes


EddieNX 209d ago

Switch ain't slowing down

Mr Marvel209d ago

I hasn't even been out a year yet, so if it was slowing down already then Nintendo would have a problem.

Sony isn't slowing down either and their console has been out for over 4 years.

PeaSFor209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Well at some point the ps4 will obviously slow down because of market saturation, seriously, who doesnt own a ps4 anyway?

DialgaMarine209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

@PeaSFor True, but I don’t think PS4 is even close to market saturation yet. It’s tracking ahead of PS2, a console that went on to sell 157 million consoles. PS4 won’t do that much, but it’ll definitely come close for sure. 130 million easily, especially when Sony permanently drops the price to $199, and then $149 in a couple years.

wonderfulmonkeyman209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

I don't.
I plan to at some point for Kingdom Hearts 3 at the very least, but right now I'm one of those PS3 and PS2 owners that hasn't upgraded to a 4.
Mostly due to funds and other games taking priority, but minorly because I don't like the community as much as I used to back in the PS2/earlyPS3 days [I honestly feel they've become ten times as toxic as during the PS3 days. It's discouraging], and I don't like that the multiplayer is locked behind a paywall now. [for the record, I don't like that Nintendo's going to do that now too, even if it is quite a bit cheaper than rival services.]

I'll be glad once I have it, though; no way do I want to miss out on the Mana remake and KH3 after being fans of both series for so long.
I'd probably speed up my plans and get one within the next 4 months, if they released a new entry in the Ar Tonelico series, though.XD

EddieNX 209d ago

Who said anything about Sony lol? Way too spin an innocent comment into something about Sony.

NXFather209d ago

Well he is obviously refering to the naysayers of the toys success.

RedDevils208d ago

So Mr Marvel you been in a coma for a year? That's tough.

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ILostMyMind209d ago

It was recently released. If it was already slowing down, it would be a sign of commercial failure.

EddieNX 209d ago

Thanks for enlightening me I guess. Or stating the obvious.

Switch is doing very very well. I know if it wasnt that would be a problem, duh...

Neonridr209d ago

a year isn't exactly recent. I mean the Wii U and Vita were not selling well after a year on the market.

indysurfn209d ago

Did you say that when People where saying PS4 is not slowing down near its first year of being on the market?

BlackTar187208d ago


What do those 2 things have in common? Considered a Failure lol.

Booth are good though but that doesn't change the reality

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Lime123209d ago

Last week in Japan it only sold 39k.

DialgaMarine209d ago

A lot of people are buying PS4’s in JP because of MHW. Needless to say, the market is very healthy for both. Really, all you need to have to enjoy a good gaming experience is a PS4 and Switch.

Neonridr209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

lol.. yeah the PS4 has outsold the Switch for the first 2 months of the year thanks to Monster Hunter. But you forget how much more Switches were sold in November and December over the PS4. Wait until Pokemon releases later this year if you want to see actual sales numbers.

But hey.. it's you.. so anything you can say to try to take away from Switch success.

indysurfn209d ago

AND......???? This is a Nintendo article....And PS4 dips some weeks also....AND that times 4 is over 136 a month for JAPAN!

indysurfn209d ago

@LIME123 One week sales is the ultimate GRASPING at straws session! Heck I can find a week that PS4 was below 10,000 in sales would you call that reasonable?

Look at VGCHART JAPAN weekly sales it has SWITCH at 215k and PS4 at 61k.....So you still feel like looking at weekly sales?

@LIME123 One week sales is the ultimate GRASPING at straws session! Heck I can find a week that PS4 was below 10,000 in sales would you call that reasonable?

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kevnb209d ago

revenues dont matter as much as profits.

badz149209d ago Show
Eonjay209d ago

Revenue is more important because you can't have profits without it. The NPD wouldn't know what a companies profits would be, only what slice of the industry's revenue was captured by which company.

morganfell209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Profit and earnings are usually posted quarterly.

kevnb209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Would you rather make $10 but spend $8 or make $5 and spend $2?

Eonjay209d ago


Profit emerges from revenue when cost is applied. Your question does make sense. Cost doesn't come from profit so you would want to get the lowest cost and highest revenue.

blawren4209d ago

To be fair, profit is a way to put revenue in context. just as cost alone isn't very valuable, neither is revenue. The whole picture of all 3 is what is important.

Revenues are important in the total market as the article suggests as a reflection on health of the overall market, but profits are what drives future development. Remember the PS3 being unprofitable for years?

BlackTar187208d ago

Do they both sell the same amount of units?

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TedCruzsTaint209d ago

Amazon, essentially, cornered the market with that logic in reverse.

kevnb209d ago

no they did not. Sure they worked hard to get market share, but they make a ton of profit.

TedCruzsTaint209d ago


You should really look into the profit margin/revenue with that company. By business standards, it's not a giant success. There were many year-to-year profit losses even just to get there. They played their own game, eliminated other businesses, cornered markets, and profited. They undercut competition, even if it meant actually losing money on sales. Of course they are bringing in a disgusting amount of money, but that's through the sheer number of sales they do. It's not necessarily because their company brings in giant profit per sale. This was their business philosophy, and it worked for them.


Amazon is worth more than microsoft now. The CEO is the richest person in the world.

BlackTar187208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

Amazon is exactly doing that. Look up their cloud margin to see that in the most extreme.

Trust me its insane they make so little profit per transaction, but they're slowly taking over.

MasterCornholio208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

In order to make a ton of money with a low profit margin (Price - Cost) you need to sell alot. That's just how the profit formula works. But in the end profit is still the most important figure.

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DialgaMarine209d ago

I think it’s safe to say that if PS4 has high revenue, the profits are high. There’s No indicator that Sony is selling either PS4 or Pro at a loss.

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Dlaw76209d ago

Xbox One is hanging in there with no exclusives and virtually no support from Japanese publishers that's amazing

DarkHeroZX209d ago ShowReplies(7)
Neonridr209d ago

well this is NPD, so it only focuses on North America. Xbox does well in North America, so no surprise.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago

It's surprising that xbone x isn't having more impact on overall sales. There were ppl that expected xbox to take many NPDs after the x.

209d ago
UCForce209d ago

Nope. He doesn’t know how to say.

Mr Marvel209d ago ShowReplies(3)
Lime123209d ago

Didnt MHW and Dragon Ball just released on Xbox?

Dragonscale209d ago

Hanging on in their home turf. I'm sure ms will be ecstatic lol.

Dlaw76209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Check Microsoft money I'm sure they are not worried

xX-oldboy-Xx209d ago

Dlaw76 - What do they do with all that money? Not much that I can think of.

Dragonscale209d ago

All that money and the most powerful console has done jack sh1t lol.

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