WorthPlaying Review: LEGO Batman

When gamers think of franchises that deserve the Lego treatment, Batman is not a character who comes to mind. The Caped Crusader has always been one of the darker comic book heroes, dishing out vigilante justice to those deemed "evil" while his own moral compass has never been the most perfectly oriented. Indeed, it is this darker aspect of the hero that has been embraced recently, with Christopher Nolan's films reigniting public interest in the character by presenting a much more complex side that only comic fans have known about for years. The question becomes, how can this franchise, currently reveling in its own moral ambiguity, make the jump to Legoland, a world where everything is black and white and characters are kept simple? Surprisingly, Lego Batman holds up quite well in the family-friendly universe, but some legacy issues surrounding the entire Lego gaming concept dampen the experience.

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