Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ Tour Mode Censors Naked Statues

In a striking departure from history, Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ Discovery Tour mode replaces any nipples or genitalia with sea shells. There was no nudity in Ancient Egypt, it appears. But then again the reasoning also makes sense once you consider that nudity is treated differently in different parts of the world, including modern Egypt, where the game is based.

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ziggurcat176d ago

Interesting why they would do that considering there's full-on male genitalia on the statues in the main game.

Relientk77175d ago

People can't even take nudity on statues nowadays, wow. I'm sure the paintings in the game will get censored next.

NickAwesome175d ago

Want to know who used to hide nudity from statues? Mussolini and the fascist regime in Italy, how low has ubisoft fallen....

Yi-Long175d ago

That's very disappointing and quite sad to hear...

Instead of celebrating and.respecting this old art, they go ahead and butcher it because some might be offended for some ridiculous reason.

AnubisG174d ago

Welcome, to the second dark ages.