Kirby Star Allies is Nintendo's Sleeper Hit

Kirby Star Allies is Nintendo's Sleeper Hit - Even though there hasn't been a real Kirby game in quite a while, this four-player game is shaping up to be Nintendo's sleeper for the first half of the year.

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guywazeldatatt215d ago

Honestly i'm more excited for this game than anything coming out int he near future. It looks fantastic.

lifeistranger215d ago

Regardless if it's great or not, it will never be looked on the same level of some of the games of last year. Lat year had such a good lineup.

guywazeldatatt215d ago

It won't but the Switch doesn't have a ton of local multiplayer games on this level. Taking that into account it could easily be a smash hit.

NecrumOddBoy215d ago

Kirby legit is like IF the concepts of Yoshi and Castlevania came together. I wish Nintendo would make a full Kirby campaign with light RPG elements and bosses, and to stay off the gimmicks. This game has co-op but I hope the story and game play isn't hindered. Sadly it looks like they took elements from Kirby's character in Smash Brothers and just paste it onto a background. I want this to be good. I would really like to see Kirby Epic Yarn ported to the switch. I love paper crafts games

Cyborgg215d ago

Keep bringing in the exclusives Nintendo! I been having a blast with Nintendo and Sony exclusives

guywazeldatatt215d ago

I’m honestly surprised. Nintendo’s release schedule has actually been consistent!

guywazeldatatt215d ago

that would be a really cool element but like a kirby mario RPG

nintendoswitchfan215d ago

I'm more excited for the ports like Hyrule Warriors. I never bought the DLC. Kirby is okay, but the ports coming out are some of the best from the Wii U era.

guywazeldatatt215d ago

I'm excited for HW too but this is an original Switch game, and it could be a great party game.

_-EDMIX-_215d ago

I mean that's okay too as the Wii U had a very very solid lineup.

TheSuperiorGamer215d ago

It looks okay, I 'd prefer Smash or Metroid. Kirby is such a small IP.

guywazeldatatt215d ago

You underestimate Kirby. And this is the perfect party game and just what the Switch needs at this juncture.

guywazeldatatt215d ago

I think it will considering there's not much coming out in the direct vicinity of it.

ZeekQuattro215d ago

I'd be shocked if it didn't do well. The last traditional console Kirby game was on the Wii so I'm sure people are hungry for one.

guywazeldatatt215d ago

I think too the multiplayer will be a huge appeal. People could use it for parties and whatnot

emiyaxtousaka215d ago

It’s shaping up to be the new New Super Mario Brothers of the Switch. Can’t wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.