Tomb Raider Barbie Announced

A Tomb Raider Barbie will be released on March 9, 2018.

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OtterX117d ago

I've always hoped my daughter doesn't get into Barbies, but a Tomb Raider Barbie with a pickaxe? I can get behind that! Maybe I'll buy her one and give it to her in a few years. Now make her some Uncharted & The Last of Us Barbies. My daughter's name is Elena, who we also call "Ellie" afterall! :)

AnubisG117d ago

Ha, nice. My daughters name is Lara. Yeah, I'm a TR fan.😁

AnubisG117d ago

Buying this for my daughter.😁

Minute Man 721100d ago

Same here and one as an collector's item

Relientk77117d ago

Damn I'm a little tempted. This is probably the coolest Barbie ever.

OoglyBoogly117d ago

Too many people too focused on the "Barbie" part and not the "collectable" part. I own the Wonder Woman Barbies more recently released. Why? Because they're done extremely well, look cool, and are collectable.

OtterX117d ago

Cool deal. We can buy them for collecting and for our kids. Maybe I'll get 2? One would look cool on display in mine and my wife's office/art studio. :)

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