Neil Druckmann on Inspiration for The Last of Us 2, Content Cut from Uncharted 4

Find out what the director had to say about Naughty Dog's latest projects during a panel today at DICE.

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attilayavuzer265d ago


I think that's what you meant to say...

-Foxtrot266d ago

The End of the F***ing World? Really? It’s not even that good anyway, the writing and acting in the first Last of Us game blows it away

mogwaii265d ago

I agree, it was ok but the acting wasnt great thats for sure.

UCForce265d ago

Well, it’s did phenomenal job. Even the Last of Us was inspired by Children of Men.

-Foxtrot265d ago

Well Children of Men was amazing though that’s the difference

End of the world isn’t up to that quality

The7Reaper265d ago

I'll eat the disagrees too and agree with you, I personally think The End of the F***ing World was trash.

-Foxtrot265d ago

I know right

Another cooky dark comedy about two young teenagers. Yaaaay...just what we wanted

I think it’s the Netflix effect, if it was on TV nobody would give a shit

Besides Lsst of US Part II has been in the late planning stages for ages, they’ve been doing motion capturing for a while.

End of the world came out a month ago or something

Do the maths

yellowgerbil265d ago

Why all the hate for End of the F'ing World?
It was a pretty good 2 hrs of tv. It wasn't ground breaking but nor was it "trash" it was a great way to kill an afternoon.

UCForce265d ago

Well, that’s your opinion, but critics and consumer are loving it. Of course, you don’t believe it on internet, but tell me this, is your opinion that important to the rest ? Well, your opinion isn’t important just like my opinion.

-Foxtrot265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Yeah I know it’s my opinion that’s the point

I never mentioned once it was more important so don’t twist it that way. You replied to me first, you’re acting like I jumped onto your comment first for stating your opinion and that I played it down

Good grief...

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monkeyporn266d ago

I wish they would have had another sword fight in the manor because that one at the end is a BITCH when playing on Crushing.

Movefasta1993265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

It was a bitch but to me that part where you are on a rising platform and you have to kill the enemies with so little ammo was the worst thing I experienced in the game on crushing

monkeyporn265d ago

Oh I think I known where you're talking about. The elevator when ellies in the car in the elivator and your hanging on the outside of the it and as it starts to rise enemies start shooting at your from every direction. Yeah that was a challenge I first used the the pistole because it's a one shot kill, then I switched over to the copperhead once I find cover works pretty well.

rainslacker265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Most frustrating thing was having to hope you made it to the checkpoint just so you didn't have to go through that same part all over again.

Otherwise, once you memorized which way to go, it wasn't bad. Unless you were trying to get the trophy at the same time....which I did on my normal play through.

It wasn't as bad as that part in TLOU where you were hanging upside down with zombies rushing you in crushing mode. Low ammo, slow reload speeds, and not getting a head shot half the time meant replaying the whole thing, including the scene where you get trapped in the first place. I actually gave up for a few days on that one.

monkeyporn265d ago

YES I known where your talking about "Another one of Bills Damn traps" Here the trick to that section. 1) you have unlimited ammo their but as you stated the reload speed sucks. when you push them away aim and shoot should give you a head shot. Now the clickers you have to have a full clip for and hit them three or four shots out of six to get a kill.

rainslacker264d ago

I eventually got through it. Ended up leaving the game for a few days and coming back fresh, and got it on the first few tries with some patient headshots and reloaded whenever there was time. Once you have to keep them off Ellie it's a lot easier. Biggest pain in that section was that you were also swaying on the rope, which made aiming a bit harder since you couldn't just put the sights in the path and wait for them to run through. I got my grounded and NG+ grounded trophies on a recent replay of the game. Was quite enjoyable outside of those few frustrating moments. I even made it through the sniper area without just rushing through like most cheese methods show. That was kind of intense.

paintedgamer1984265d ago

I think overall TLOU2 will be a better Naughty Dog game than UC4. They really have noone else to compete with but themselves in this genre. Hopefully this year at E3 we will finally get some gameplay and a solid release date. Who here remembers when they showed off UC2 with that epic E3 trailer and then showed a launch of that fall? I still believe this fall is too soon for a release but it would be a nice suprise. Im thinking more in line with a 2019 window anywhere from spring-fall.

ZombieGamerMan265d ago

Actually they do, it's called Days Gone. Not saying it's better or even a serious competition but it is competition

UCForce265d ago

You do know that Days Gone is developed by Sony Bend Studio, don’t ya ?

monkeyporn265d ago


ZombieGamerMan265d ago

@ UCForce yup I know, doesn't mean they aren't competing against each other. Both want their games to be critical hits, both want their games to sell, and both games pretty much look and play like each other except one is open world and the other is not

_-EDMIX-_265d ago

Why do they need to compete? There different games...

I mean are you telling me that we could only have one game with one enemy type?

Left 4 Dead has zombies in it i,s that like the Last of Us too or? Smh

ZombieGamerMan264d ago

@ _-EDMIX-_ Well because every game is competing with each other despite genre, reality is people have a limited amount of income or/and time to spend on games so they would like for their game to be the one you spend it on. So yes they compete with each other and also no L4D is not like TLOU because it's 4 player co-op shooter, they are very different but when you look at DG it's a lot like TLOU, hell who here didn't first think it was TLOU sequel when they first showed it off

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Movefasta1993265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Uc4 is the best naughty dog game, my only con with the game is that the first half and especially that Scotland bit dragged on , but once you hit Africa and onwards it’s a masterpiece. It’s arguably my favourite game this gen

Movefasta1993265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Single player wise imo it’s the best , if it weren’t for the grenade fest / tree sap eating boss fight and the blue apes then it would be a tie between 2 and 4. Rafe actually had character , zoran was a terrible main villain . And sams story was way better just my opinion

thekhurg265d ago

UC4 was great. But Witcher 3 is my game of the generation.

rainslacker265d ago

I think a new Tomb Raider game may be ready for next year. Although I doubt it would be able to stand up to TLOU2, unless ND really screws it up, which they aren't prone to doing.

_-EDMIX-_265d ago

I like both games so I'm not really sure if I could say one is better than the other simply that both are just different from each other.

I mean of course I like The Last of Us better because I enjoy its narrative better but I don't think that means overall one game is better than the other simply that my opinion is I prefer a certain setting over the other.

I mean I love the setting of Fallout actually over Elder Scrolls but I always try to at least let that be known when I give my opinion regarding the games as to not confuse people in thinking that one is better than the other , simply my own personal opinion.

Both are of amazing quality.

What they were able to do with the last of us I would argue is similar to what Kojima was able to do with Metal Gear Solid in 1998.

They were able to make a gaming narrative so deep that they didn't even have a close second I believe game developers have been treating the genre with training wheels for so long that when something like this releases Gamers don't even have a second option they literally only have the last of us as an example of something like this.

But rest assured one day we're going to have multiple games in the genre because what they were able to Pioneer.

Just like Metal Gear Solid was the first of many I still remember people's criticisms of the voice acting the mocap the musical score and everything else sighting that games were not movies yet no one Behold a single generation later this was going to be the norm of game development.

The Last of Us is exactly where the industry needs to be moving towards.

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Skankinruby265d ago

All I know is there is some very high expectations on this and I'd be stressed out like crazy with that much pressure. The first one had some of the best gameplay, storytelling, and character development in gaming history. I was so blown away by the first one that I immediately thought a sequel would be a mistake as it could only taint the series. We'll see if Druckmann can pull the rabbit out of the hat.

paintedgamer1984265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

There is very high expectations but with ND's pedigree and track record, i have no worries that TLOU2 will at the very least be as amazing as the first. ND have a way of making the 2nd installment of a series much better than the 1st. Plus, TLOU came out at the tail end off the ps3's life cycle and considered by many its swan song. Game mechanics and story telling have changed a bit since then so we should be in for a treat.

rainslacker265d ago

I think a lot of people felt the same way. That the original would maybe be "ruined" by a sequel. That's why a lot of people said to make new characters.

Personally, while I kind of feel that way, I'm willing to give ND the benefit of the doubt. Even at their worst, they still make some of the best games available, so it's hard to imagine that they'll screw it up royally. If they have dedication to make it a quality game and story, then they'll do so. They reworked UC4 when it wasn't living up to their standards, and it had a really good story.

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