Why Using Metal Gear Survive Booster Microtransactions Defeats the Spirit of the Game

Konami didn't go all out with microtransactions in Metal Gear Survive, but that doesn't mean there's not an issue with their implementation.

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masterfox293d ago

Just by knowing is from Konami is already defeated imo.

FallenAngel1984293d ago

The spirit of Metal Gear was defeated when the decision was made to make this an always online title

PhantomS42292d ago

also when they decided that a game franchise that was built and known for it's sneaking didn't need its core machinic...but poking zombies with easily breakable sticks is a great replacement /s

Kribwalker293d ago

See here is an example of bad MTs in a $60 game. Pay to Win is crap.

Servbot41292d ago

It's $40, but it's still wrong to put MT in any retail game.

TheColbertinator292d ago


Been playing Survive on the X for around 4 hours and the only damn weapon I have is a machete. This game blows

thejigisup292d ago

Why did you think it wouldn't blow?

TheColbertinator292d ago


I am fair. Skepticism aside I give every game a chance to prove itself to me.

thejigisup292d ago

I hear that, I'm all for letting the game speak for itself, this game though had warning signs all over it since before it was even announced. Too many games "do it better". There was no way I was gonna buy this first hand, if reviews were high 9s maybe check out some gameplay vids and go from there.

Goldby292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Yet the same could be said about other games that are for microtransaction

The only pay to win aspect is that is speeds up the time between gathering resources and building g supplies, ultimately making the end game come faster.

With no progression. In SoT and the goal is the cosmetics, the same applies to SoT. End game cosmetics available sooner. Pay to win

Legacy212292d ago

Whaaat!? The cosmetics you buy in the premium shop aren't the end game of sea of thieves. Sea of thieves microtransactions are done properly. Instead of releasing dlc or a season pass and split everyone they give EVERYONE free expansions. In order to make return they put OPTIONAL cosmetic microtransactions to buy pets or cool looking gear. I rather take free expansions with the occasional MT I decide to buy over a 39.99 season pass. Now metal gear has ridiculous MT. $10 for more save files and things that speed up the game that they prob purposely made slower then normal to encourage people to buy. Don't compare SoT to metal gear survive they're not even on the same boat.

Ninver292d ago

This game will be defeated at launch.

thejigisup292d ago

Hope this game fails hard. I'm still riding the f konami train I prob will only ever buy another ZOE from them, the vr experience is all i care about. Other than that, they won't be getting another penny from me.

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