Konami details future update plans for Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive has been released, and Konami is planning to distribute SV Coins (used to make in game purchases much like MGSV’s MB Coins) as daily login bonuses. Starting February 23rd you will be able to receive 30 SV Coins a day.

Konami also laid out their plans for the immediate future in regards to content updates for the game. Aside from the aforementioned login bonuses (SV Coins), in March new difficulty levels will be added for daily and weekly missions, as well as new events, mission types and other options.

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InTheZoneAC22d ago

Everyone that bought this raise your, no one?

chris23522d ago

not yet. no more kojima is a big plus.

InTheZoneAC22d ago

And everything about Konami is a negative so what's your point?

TheOttomatic9122d ago

I sure as hell didn’t without Kojima and Igarashi Konami is nothing but a pachinko company

ASBO-522d ago

Why don't we just quietly sweep it under the rug and move on and pretend it never happened. MGS is a putrid dumpster fire of the highest order.

TheOttomatic9122d ago

I can foresee this game becoming an F2P game soon.