You become a server for Far Cry 2 user-created maps if your connection is faster than Ubisoft's

VG247: Ubisoft's told us you'll be downloading user-created Far Cry 2 maps both from Ubisoft's servers and other gamers' consoles: it all depends on speed.

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Silogon3686d ago

so, wait a second... the console versions are going to be haivng level editors too? If so this will be a 1st day sale for me.

Goon 1873686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Yes they will. They had level editors on the first one for 360, so will this one for the console versions

Silogon3686d ago

Cool deal, man! That's awesome, with the graphics enhancments this onehas seen I bet ti'll be pretty slick.

@ Mar, no man I don't. I should've said " 1st day buy or purchase" but I was tired and said sale for some stupid reason. I guess it could be taken as a 1st day sale for them, cause I'm buying it; I suppose.

Arsenic133686d ago

I can not wait for this title. Im so lucky to have a neighbor with Verizon Fi0s and no password XD. Im gonna have loads of fun with this game!

JsonHenry3686d ago

Is that the new 54meg service?

bunbun7773686d ago

This is one of the special 5 of October for me- no time, not enough money- couldnt ask for more.

TheColbertinator3686d ago

The level editor sound sweet.Replay value explodes with those around

bomboclaat_gamer3686d ago

cool. the number of maps online will be endless. yaaaay. Little Big Who? im just kidding. disagree anyway. i dont give a F***

bomboclaat_gamer3686d ago

come on bring on the disagrees

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