PC version of Saint's Row 2 left in limbo

THQ have not confirmed a release date for the PC version of Saint's Row 2, although the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will be coming out on the 17th of October, and some retail chains list the PC version for the same date, were as others list it for November.

So we decided to ask THQ about a release window for the PC version, and they told us that no date has been given for the PC version, so they couldn't comment on it being delayed.

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omni_atlas3687d ago

Seems like a trend now to release and capitalize on the XBOX/PS3 versions first before the pirate bays are in.

Charmers3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Oh wait what is that on pirate bay ? oh yeah look it's the 360 version of Saints Row 2 well colour me NOT surprised.

I half expect this to be canned for the PC anyway, I played Saints Row 1 on the 360 and thought it was crap, so I can't see myself bothering with Saints Row 2 on the PC. Besides PC gamers are already getting hyped for GTA 4, so there is no point in them releasing Saints Row 2 on the PC.

Edit : Just outof curiosiy why is this news flagged for PS3 only ? I would have thought it should at least be in the PC section too.

gauravraw3687d ago

You don't want me to compare the number of modded 360s with the total number of PCs that could easily download and run Saints Row 2 now do you?

Charmers3687d ago

Feel free to, infact please do and whilst you are at it show us where you obtained the figures as well so we can verify their accuracy.

The fact is piracy is a problem on both the 360 and PC we can argue till the cows come home which is worse. However I have lost count of the times I have seen the Xbox 360 game get leaked weeks before the release date, whereas the PC version in some cases doesn't get cracked till nearly a week after it's release date (classic example bioshock).

But of course I would naturally be interested in your mysterious figures that accurately gauge the depth of piracy on the PC and 360, I imagine the publishers would be interested too since they haven't got a clue either.

N4G Member3687d ago

Does it really matter where it is tagged?

What a nerd.

Charmers3687d ago

Yes it does because I never bother with the 360. PS3 sections since it is just a load of fanboy squabbling. It just seems odd that a PC related story is tagged for the PS3. I was just wondering if there was a reason behind it.

altimako023687d ago

but if they dont release it within one week i will download it for 360 and not buy any version. sucks for me because 360 and ps3 are gonna be inferior

fredrikpedersen3687d ago

Ahh, this game is a sloid 'meh' in the shower of high quality games, if not I'd buy it and play it to death