New State of Decay 2 Screenshots Showcase Refined Graphics Since Last Outing

Undead Labs shared two new State of Decay 2 screenshots lately, which showcase refined graphics compared to the last assets seen from the game.

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ccgr295d ago

Still have to play the first one

KaiPow295d ago

I skipped the first one because of the lack of co-op, but I might need to get a quick refresher before the sequel drops.

ElementX295d ago

How can you get a "refresher" if you never played it in the first place?

AZRoboto294d ago

He's going to watch it reinstall then play Forza.

lxeasy295d ago

The first one is so good. I highly recommend it.

Vandamme13295d ago ShowReplies(1)
Obscure_Observer295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Do it! I recommend the Year One Survival Edition which has included the dlcs Breakdown and Lifeline! Simple Awesome!

frostypants295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

It's OK for an indie game but frankly I think it's a little overrated. When it was released it was AMAZING for an indie game but it had flaws that I don't think would get a pass if it came out today (also it just hasn't aged too well in general). IMO it felt too much like babysitting a legion of idiots at times, to the point that it felt like work. If they can maintain the gist of the original but improve on the management aspects and polish the rough edges, they'll have something amazing.

thexmanone294d ago

Great game, But never did finish it because of that annoying glitch at the end. Never got past that bridge.

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LavaLampGoo295d ago

I sucked at the first one but still gonna play this

fiveby9295d ago

I played the first game a little recently on X1. It seems like it could be fun but felt a little clunky compared to other games. But I do want to play the upcoming game. I'll play it on PC if it is a PlayAnywhere title.

Obscure_Observer295d ago


Play Anywhere title. And if you´re a sub on Game Pass, you´ll pay only 10 bucks a month to play this game Day One. ;)

Usperg295d ago

When you send up that flare we will come and help you give those Lamebrain walkers a bad day:)

Cybermario295d ago

nice, cant wait to play this, loved the first one

Vasto295d ago

This is the one I am really looking forward to.

Alexious295d ago

Me too. Though I still wish they had made it a full blown MMO.

Vasto295d ago

That would have been awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.