3 Games We Want If Microsoft Buys Valve

With rumors and reports of Microsoft in talks to purchase the long-beloved Valve, it could be the push Microsoft needs to make a larger impact on the gaming world. Imagine all the amazing games and opportunity that could become a reality if Microsoft buys Valve!

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FallenAngel1984292d ago

Why do you want these games to come to fruition from an impossible buyout? You should be wanting these games regardless of an acquisition

Gigamax292d ago

Microsoft seems like they'd be desperate enough to try and make a Half-Life 3, for example, just to have an exclusive to overshadow the slew of PlayStation 4 exclusives. Doesn't look like Valve is too interested in revisiting any of these games. But we do, we really do want to see these games happen whether it's from Valve or a potential Microsoft subsidiary.

Play2Win291d ago

Half Life 3 would eat Sony alive tbh.

rainslacker290d ago


Only if it were exceptionally good. If it wasn't good, then I'd expect that the hell that would reign down on MS would be something they couldn't recover from. And in the end, it wouldn't really affect Sony that much, because most HL3 players would be on PC anyways.

Docmortem291d ago

Microsoft buying Valve makes more of a Click-bait then just another we want Half Life 3 article, which you can find hundreds of.

Gigamax291d ago

Half-life 3 isn't the only game we put in there! Sorry you feel that way. We just wanted to live in a perfect world of gaming for a minute.

Docmortem290d ago

@Gigamax ... as if adding the other 2 games changes anything about my argument

WilliamSheridan291d ago

A physics driven Half Life 3 would either need a ton of always on cloud physics, or wait until next gen cpus come out. I want it to kick up a notch.

Gigamax291d ago

Now that does sound exciting.

notachance291d ago

Why would anyone think if MS buying Valve they do it because of the games?
It's obvious if that were to happen the main reason would be to get Steam and its huge PC marketshare. MS themselves has so much dormant IP they never touched despite their current lack of games that it's idiotic to think the first thing they'd do if there's a Valve buyout is eagerly making games.

Gigamax291d ago

It definitely wouldn't be the first thing they do, agree with you there. They'd be focused on basically owning PC gaming but still, wouldn't it be amazing if under Microsoft, Valve was instructed to start making these 3 games to be Xbox exclusives? Just thought it would be interesting to see what other games people would want if Valve began revisiting some of their hits.

rainslacker290d ago

Why do we keep getting these articles? There are no rumors with any veracity that MS is looking to buy Valve. Gabe has outright said he's not aware of MS contacting him over it. The only reports that exist are because of the unverifiable rumor.

This is such a non-issue, that it's not even worth discussing the rhetorical anymore.

Gigamax290d ago

We'll take note of that! Thanks for offering your input. Appreciate it! Still going to keep our fingers crossed. Even if Microsoft doesn't buy them, we hope Valve gets inspired to make these games. Plus, the Final Fantasy XV pre-order content that includes Half-Life cosmetics has our hopes up.

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