Introducing My PlayStation, A New Social Destination on the Web

Sony has announced today that it is launching a new website for PlayStation players to use. It’s called My PlayStation.

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Christopher58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Just from a programmer stand-point, this is a sign of a first step towards allowing user id changes, IMHO.

This is a sign of moving towards a method of account interaction from third-party Web tools rather than the closed off apps and consoles (before you couldn't update your profile items except via those closed off apps and not via the Web). This likely means they've moved from compartmentalized database structures to using intermediary systems for validation, security, and allowing update of user data across all of their systems.

About time Sony.

MakoD58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Its really not much different than what was already available on I guess they are trying to separate it out, maybe to expand it in the future. Still pretty barebones. Probably the one area I think Microsoft does a better job... ability to see all your information in one place from purchases, games, friends, profile, etc. It does seem to remember my login information which was always a problem for me on normal login.

Eonjay58d ago

It seems pretty obvious that this the launch and more features are coming. I would like more starts. The ability to share directly to the profile. Conversations and stats.

DasTier58d ago

You mean like how the switch has been out for a year and is still lacking steaming services and a worthwhile online service?

MakoD58d ago

Yeah... that is how I can of took it... they appear to be separating it and then they can add stuff to it. At least it keeps me logged in now.

Eonjay58d ago


No, not at all. I mean like how this blog post states. For fucks sakes, what does this have to do with the Switch? And Sony's track record has been good this gen with feature promises. So I mean like they have been.

alexg58758d ago

Come on Sony... you stay giving us things nobody wants lol. Where is name changes, and remote play?! ...

travestyj58d ago

There's been remote play on Playstation for years now...

Silly gameAr58d ago

Just by the fact that alexg587 mentioned Playstation lacking remote play, kind of proves that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Just one of these guys that like to point out what something is lacking, even if they don't know what they're talking about. He must be a blogger.

Mista201858d ago

You can remote play with a Vita, Vita TV, or even completely free via PC. Quit crying.

AspiringProGenji58d ago

You need to get a Ps4 first, then request features lates

KwietStorm58d ago

Remote play? Are you confused about what remote play is?

alexg58758d ago

Lol i actually meant remote play on android

MakoD58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


Serious question, you mean like you hookup a PS controller to your android phone? I'm confused. Could you then cast it to a tv?

Goldby58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


pick up the Xperia Xz and Xz1 from sony for all your remote play needs.

EDIT or for 1/2 the price pick up a vita

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ocelot0758d ago

They really need to make an app for PC. I really like the Xbox App on windows 10. Being able to message friends and party chat with them is great. Like when am on the way home from work am on an hour long bus ride. I would love to simply open the PS App and join friends party's and chat to them.

subtenko58d ago

There is an app, its called a webbrowser, and also the remote play app, and now again the web browser, and there is also the mobile app (which you can use another app to show your mobile device on your computer.

ocelot0758d ago

Yer but none of them support party chat.

MakoD58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


This seems to indicate you can use party chat from remote play, I use remote play but have never tested the party chat. I wouldn't expect Sony to produce a UWP app for Windows 10, I'm not sure why they would want to. Not sure what the capability of the iOS/Android Playstation apps are... seriously doubt Sony is going to invest in UWP deployment though for Win10.

BioDead57d ago

I have used this a while now already (so this supposed to be a new news??) and I have disliked that there is no communities working on this. I wanted to write something to my communities online but no.