5 Times CD Projekt RED Stole Our Hearts

Over the last decade, CD Projekt RED has asserted itself as the preeminent developer of single-player RPG experiences and DRM-free video game distribution.  The impact of GOG alone on the accessibility of old games would be enough to win over PC gamers, but the Witcher franchise has gone on to define a new standard of […]

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gamejediben294d ago

They certainly stole mine. As far as I'm concerned, CDPR is the light of the gaming industry. They are showing the way for everyone else. I'll be buying Cyberpunk 2077 on day one because I know CDPR respects me as a customer.

On the other hand, I keep a 10 foot pole between me and anything labeled "EA". I'd rather get anally probed than submit to EA's ridiculous BS.

Anzil294d ago

Yeah like when they excluded PoC from the game. Bunch of bigots lol