Xbox One S vs. Xbox One X: Is the costly upgrade worth the money?

"Most of us, when we buy a new game console, have certain expectations about how it’s going to improve how we play. We want better graphics, better processing capabilities, bigger and better-looking games. With the 4K-capable Xbox One X, Microsoft wants to convince you that adding more technical firepower under the hood can improve your games, even if it doesn’t open the door to a new library of games. Is the higher price point worth it, or does it put it out of reach for most consumers? Here's how it matches up to the Xbox One S."By Mike Epstein

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masterfox295d ago

I wish I can say yes, I love technology and the xbonex small design and performance upgrade is great, but the xbonex current status with no interesting games and no exclusives and hell expensive is an absolute NO!, sorry.

affrogamer295d ago

lol the X buzz died out two weeks after release. I dont even think it can sell more than 5 million lifetime units

zb1ftw777295d ago

The XB1X buzz was way higher than PS4PRO though.

Neither were as high as the Switch currently is.

The Switch is way more fun than either.

Septic295d ago

If you want the MOST powerful console on the planet then no doubt, for hardcore games, the 1X is a no brainer.

No interesting games is subjective of course. If you're discounting third parties then yeah.

"Hell expensive"...for what the console offers, subjective again but not at all, considering an equivalent gaming PC would cost a lot more.

Its a mid-gen console done right though. You want a PROPER mid gen console, the 1X is the one.

fiveby9295d ago

I think hardcore gamers want to play where the best games library exists. That's not currently the X1X. If a hardcore gamer is interested solely in performance then you go PC. Most hardcore gamers are going with the PS4 / PC combo. The X1X serves only to keep X1 owners from continuing to bail. MS had to try to stop the bleeding. They have lost so many customers this gen to Sony. At often times more than double the price of the X1s, the X1X is not PROPER. It's expensive and a lackluster library.

Rude-ro294d ago

The most “powerful” console is only pushing games made for the weakest console this gen...
Facts, the base console and the software has not been enticing to mass consumer base...
So pretty much, I would say save your money this gen.
If you go with the s, you have the high chance of buying a console that will have software that will suffer due to performance. See pubg. And I think will only get worse...
Why? Because Microsoft has nothing out there that competes.. so they are focusing on “power”. Power for what? 2 years of a gen max for third party games that are made for the weakest console? Sounds like a waste of money to me while Microsoft tries to figure out who they are and why they are in gaming.
There just too many question marks at this point to invest.
Obviously if you are an Xbox fan only, then what I say does not matter, but to those trying to decide... just go with the safe bet this gen and wait to see how Microsoft reacts the rest of this gen.

Lokii294d ago Show
TheCommentator294d ago

Why does everybody come in and argue subjective things like they're facts? Say it's not your thing, but don't try to tell me that your feelings should be mine too because "facts"... it's ignorant. Imagine if people respected others when they posted, this site might look like this:

masterfox fixed: "I wish I can say yes, I love technology and the xbonex small design and performance upgrade is great, but the xbonex current status with no interesting games for me? No, Sorry."

fiveby9 fixed: "I think hardcore gamers want to play where the best games library exists. That's not currently the X1X for me, but I know some people still prefer MS games."

Rude-ro fixed: "Facts, the base console and the software has not been enticing to mass consumer base... but to those trying to decide... just go with the console that has the games you prefer."

Lokii, I actually agree with you. In spite of the fact that there are more enjoyable games for me on Xbox does not change the fact that Sony has way more choices than MS does. MS needs studios and software asap if they want to make Xbox into something more people feel comfortable about choosing.

The 1X is not something I plan on purchasing until at least when MS releases it's successor. I'm happy enough on my XB1 on my 1080 TV. Obviously, for someone looking to get a 4K TV the 1X is a great upgrade if it has the software or features that you like. The UHD playback is a great bonus too, since a decent stand alone is still a couple hundred bucks.

RosweeSon294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Your right if you want hardcore games it’s a no brainier Xbox haven’t had (m)any all Gen so why get the most expensive version of their console when the cheaper models aren’t even worth it had an S for 4 months and great while it lasted but finished with a consoles exclusives (a console that had been out for 3+ years at that point) games in under 4 months! Poor. Nothing due that looks game changing or revolutionary or even remotely interesting to me great for your yearly churns or if you still wanna play 360 games (I’d just set my 360 back up myself but having had it for 9 years moved on) some great games but wanna buy the most powerful console in the world* to play games from last Gen or older sure can play PS2/3 games on ps4 and it’s a great option alongside the vast amount of quality current Gen new IPS old ones just great games all round. Switch looks to be going down the same route get the games on board and the people will follow.
Xbox is too similar to pc for myself I don’t want a PC I want a games console with games in abundance

rainslacker294d ago

I f you want the most powerful console, just wait it out a couple years. Particularly if you have one of the base consoles. One isn't losing out on much by not upgrading. Spent the money on games, and one would have more fun than just having prettier games to look at

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Dlacy13g294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

@masterfox and I would say the upgrade is absolutely worth it ... smoother running games that look better across the board on the xbox platform. you say no interesting games? I guess you have no interest in any 3rd party games at all because all of the 3rd party games coming out have seen really good X support. I can concede 1st party games are light right now but if you play 3rd party games at all this is a nice upgrade.

Also, if you are remotely interested in playing PUBG on console the X is the better platform for it... Fortnite as well.

mcstorm294d ago

Tbh all this exclusives is subject to what type of gamer you are. For me the xbox has more exclusive games I wanted over what the ps4 offered and the reason I went for it.

I love racing games and was interested in driveclub but putting it back made me get the xbox one over the ps4 and the ps4 only has 2 exclusive racing games in gts and DC. Xbox one has forza 5,6,7 and horizon 2 & 3.

It also has better FPS games in terms of exclusive in that it has Titan fall, halo mc and Halo 5.

I also prefer Gears over UC again just my preference.

For me not one console is better than the other they are all good in there own ways and have games for everyone just some consoles have more games you want than others.

Due to the xbox and ps4 bring simmiler I went for the xbox as it had more games that I wanted to play and then got a switch for games like MK and Zelda and with having less time to game this gen with a young family decided to leave out the ps4 this gen. It maybe different next gen though Sony might offer more of what I want and I'll get a ps5 over the next xbox.

As for is the xbox x worth the price and upgrade for me it's a yes even with only a HDTV I can see the difference in games like forza horizon 3 and Gears on my TV and the console is so much quicker and adding an elite controller makes the x the console of my choice but that's just me others feel different and that's why we have choices.

Obscure_Observer294d ago

Look at PS fanboys telling how Xbox One owners shouldn´t upgrade to X. Pathetic. Lol

masterfox294d ago

Actually I owned the original xbox, xbox 360 on released day (yeah very bad move lol), then I got the Elite xbox 360(bad move again lol), and finally my xbox live tag is asgx23 sooooo so much for PS fanboy huh, sorry if I got triggered with such little. :D

rainslacker294d ago

If you haven't brought an Xbox, and want one, then sure why not. Personally, I couldn't see buying one as an upgrade to an existing x1. But people can decide for themselves what they're willing to spend their money on.

slasaru01294d ago

It's nowhere hell expensive. I tell you that in other countries than US people are paying +30-40% to the price.

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theXtReMe1295d ago

Yes, if you enjoy higher end PC like visuals in a console form factor. The 4K(even 1600 and 1800p) and especially the HDR are worth the price of admission for newcomers. Current S or base system owners will have to weigh their options. If you have a 4K HDR TV and want to get the most out of it now, then by all means go for it. If you are happy as is and can wait a few more years for the next gen systems to hit...

It all comes down to money and your needs. The good thing is, you are also getting a decent HDR UHD player and the ability to stream the same from quite a few services. Not to mention, it also captures and streams 4K/ 60 HDR for anyone hip to Youtube, Mixer or Twitch.

Also, there are quite a few great games that are jaw dropping on the X. Games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Mafia III, Homefront: The Revolution, Assassins Creed: Origins, Forza 7 and Horizons 3, Gears 4, Halo 3 and 5, Halo Wars 2, Hitman, Dead Rising 4, Elite, Tomb Raider, Battlefront 2, The Witcher 3, Wolfenstein II, Madden, Railway Empire, Recore, Far Cry 5(in just a month), Etc... There are also more upcoming Xbox 360 back compat titles that are getting the 4K resolution and texture treatment. Mirrors Edge looks incredible at 4K with HDR.

So I guess, if you already own an S, it’s up to the games you’ve already played, what you might play again with the upgraded visuals and what you are looking forward to until the end of this generation. If you want the best visuals, to show off your 4K TV, without building a PC... You’ll be very happy with the X. If you want some great first party titles, something a little cheaper and can live with a little bit of a visual downgrade, then the Pro may be your go to.

I have both and enjoy each for their strengths. I wish I could combine the two and get the Xs power with some of the Pros games. Though, some of the first party titles using checkerboard rendering look really close to true 4K at normal viewing distance. The great thing is, everyone wins no matter what system you choose as there are great games for all of them.

Razzer294d ago

"higher end PC" Mid-grade gaming PCs, yeah. One X can't achieve frame rates as higher end PCs.

Obscure_Observer294d ago

That´s why he said "if you enjoy higher end PC like VISUALS in a console form factor."

Razzer294d ago

Still wrong. You get those same visuals on mid-grade. No need to embellish.

Obscure_Observer294d ago

Again: "if you enjoy higher end PC like VISUALS in a CONSOLE form factor."

Keyword: CONSOLE

Razzer294d ago

There are more keywords than that in his sentence. I've already pointed them out and said why they are wrong. Frame rate is an aspect of visuals. You are not getting higher end PC visuals in One X.

Cueil294d ago

Even a mid range gpu puts you over the X's price. This discussion is dumb building a PC from scrap right now is inadvisable to people who have a budget that does not reach 4 digits.

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Belinker300294d ago

All those games you mention are old and mediocre at best.PS5 will blow this One X when it drops possibly as early as next year with all Sony's exclusives not dated third party titles

PhoenixUp295d ago

I’m still satisfied with the cheaper base models

ziggurcat295d ago

I think it is, yes. I have the S right now, but would like to get the X to go with my Pro.

Belinker300294d ago

What then PS5 next year too?

ziggurcat294d ago

PS5 won't be until 2020 at the earliest.

Belinker300295d ago

You can pickup either the One S or Pro a lot cheaper with games to spare..I'd say no

MecheSlays295d ago

I bought my S brand new for 150 at Target.