Who Should Disney Consider For Future Star Wars Games?

The universe is vast, and the rewards, great.

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PhoenixUp293d ago

Just lease Lucasarts properties to any publisher willing to pay for the fees like you do with Marvel properties Disney

RpgSama291d ago

Not to any publisher willing to pay, but I agree that they should lease the properties on a game to game basis according to the genre they want to make, a CD Project Red or Obsidian Star Wars RPG, an Insomniac adventure game and so forth

rainslacker291d ago

I think Disney is actually the one that judges what games will get made, and then license them out to make a game based on what they want. They chose EA because of their ability to produce a wide variety of games...and likely EA was willing to pay the most.

I don't see Disney allowing anybody just licensing the property because they have an idea. Disney I guess has some sort of plan for the IP, which seems to be making back their money as fast as possible, even if it means running the franchise into the ground.

_-EDMIX-_291d ago

Agreed I actually think it was likely that Electronic Arts offered them a huge deal for the entire Star Wars property.

I think they should be more loose with the licensing and just license per game as opposed to giving exclusive licensing to a single publisher. Because I would definitely love to see naughty dog or Sony Santa Monica make a Star Wars game.

So I feel if they trust Sony with Spider-Man clearly they're not opposed to having a 1st party make a Star Wars game in terms of publishing and distribution or development

PhoenixUp290d ago

I don’t see why Disney would do so for Marvel properties but not for Lucasarts properties

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slavish0293d ago

Disney needs to get its on talent they have so many properties they could rival EA

PhoenixUp293d ago

Disney already shut down their publishing division. They ain’t coming back to making their own games, they’d rather have other publishers do it for them

TheMuffDiver291d ago

YES you nailed it! CD Projekt Red!!! would be amazing! open worls Star wars game! Techland, or treyarch would be ok too.

-Foxtrot293d ago


So many studios under them including Bethesda themselves

All single player focused

Sciurus_vulgaris293d ago

The problem with Bethesda is that the company has no problem with reusing dated tech. Also Bethesda is notorious for releasing games that are unoptimized, buggy, glitchy and graphically dated.

DanteVFenris666291d ago

You do know evil within 2, prey and wolfenstein 2 all published by Bethesda. They don’t just don’t publish skyrim and fallout

Also skyrim and fallout are fun games who cares about tech

_-EDMIX-_291d ago

You might be confusing a single studio with the actual publisher that has multiple Studios....

Sciurus_vulgaris291d ago

@Dante ...... prey was buggy at launch with optimization issues on consoles and Evil Within 2 has performance issues also.

Eiffel291d ago

Don't we already have enough bad writing from the new movies?

Nodoze291d ago

There would be WAY too many bugs. Bugsthesda.

LandoCalrissiano291d ago

So no more old republic? That's like saying no more WoW. All single player is a very bad move.

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Brian7655492291d ago

There is lots of talent out there, create their own studio. People like Amy Henning should not have signed onto with EA.

What the industry needs is more kickstarter type studios but with more accountability restrictions.

_-EDMIX-_291d ago

Well I don't know if I agree with all of that because clearly there's something she saw with the development team that made sense for her to go there.

I'm sorry but not everything is as you read it on these gaming forums

You still have to understand that Electronic Arts is still a publisher that is clearly hiring game development teams to create content.

So at the end of the day I think it's a bit biased to try to argue that this developer should not have went with a publisher simply because you personally do not like them, I think for the most part this community seriously needs to leave their emotions out of junk like this because you're now trying to say a writer should not signed onto a project that she believes in because you emotionally don't like a publisher.

Fallouts happen all the time and projects get cancelled all the time regardless of publisher and even regardless of funding as many Kickstarter projects have been cancelled.

So the best thing I would say regarding something like this is this is going to matter on a game by game basis I don't think anyone could generalize a publisher to tell a developer that they shouldn't work there because even developers I personally don't like I completely understand if it developer sees something that makes sense for them to sign up with them.

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