Neocrisis: New Gears of War 2 Video

Neocrisis: Video shows new Horde gameplay.

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strotee3567d ago

I'd love to gauge the quality of the game if the video wasn't.... how do I say this......crap?

outlawlife3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

just judging by the menus the game looks really polished aside from that you can't see anything

Shane Kim3567d ago

Seriously, it looks like dog turd. And not those nice sausage like either. I mean like a flood of diarrhea.

Fishy Fingers3567d ago

Bah... quality. I think they've even increased the size of the window. Not a smooth move with a youtube clip.

Gears is fun, Gears with friends is fun, Gears with friends and bots should be great fun.

GiantEnemyCrab3567d ago

Bad quality! I wish this game would hurry up and get here because all these videos and walkthrus are tempting. Must resist!

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The story is too old to be commented.