Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Looks Gorgeous in First 15 Minutes of Gameplay

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom looks absolutely charming in its first fifteen minutes of gameplay showing Evan's escape from Ding Dong Dell.

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ProLogY295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Really like the graphics and new fighting system. But the lack of full voice acting is disappointing. It's no deal breaker, heck a lot of games have terrible VOs.. But the silly beeping text readouts and the grunts/brief phrases from the characters just takes me right out of the experience. Really wish they just went all out and voiced the whole thing. Bethesda has spoiled me I guess. Oh wells. Still day one for me.

Lighter9295d ago

"Bethesda has spoiled me, I guess."

And how!

TomatoDragon295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Eh, I’ll take the combat and gameplay of Ni No Kuni over Bethesda’s, which has never been especially good. Even trade.

Teflon02295d ago

I want to watch but I don't want to spoil the first 15