Microsoft's Mixer Service to Sell Games Through Players’ Streams Soon

Microsoft’s Mixer will soon allow viewers to buy games directly from the streaming service and give some of the profit to streamers, the company announced today.

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XiNatsuDragnel29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Nice shot to Twitch

Sonic_Vs_Mario28d ago

Twitch inst really a competitor. Mixer is superior in every aspect from low delay/latency to streaming in native 4k.

timotim29d ago

Nice way to stay competitive.

Brian765549229d ago

Could make some decent money, 5% can add up quick.

PUBG29d ago

Mixer has got to get Dr.Disrespect...spect.....spec t....spect...

demonicale29d ago

Why? ... he's not funny and is just stupid.

PUBG28d ago

What are you talking about? He's 6'8" tall, 215 lbs, with black steel dripping down his back, wearing google prototypes. He's the two time!

ILostMyMind29d ago

That's a good idea I thought a few days ago. Well done, MS!