Why Metal Gear Survive Will Surprise Us

Metal Gear Survive could thrive, and we have the reasons why.

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UltraNova59d ago

Well I for one want to see if I can get surprised by a zombie game with MGS paint.

Goldby59d ago

IGN's review in progress is already showing signs that it isn't anything special, and doesn't translate the espionage, and stealth thrill that a MGS game is known for

JokerBoy42258d ago

You really trust IGN Goldby? If you want an unbiased opinion then id go elsewhere. Plus remember that Kojima made the horrendous Metal Gear AC!D games. IGN is so retarded that they forgot this is a spin off, not a main entry. Its not meant to be a stealth espionage game.

Goldby58d ago


Than don't include the Metal Gear in its name.

And as for ign, I watch and read multimedia instead of just one review so I get a more broad review based on them all

JokerBoy42255d ago

@Goldby, you mean like how good of a stealth game Metal Gear Rising was?

Goldby55d ago

I didn't play, as in my eyes it's not a metal gear game

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CorndogBurglar59d ago

This game could be the greatest game ever made and it still wouldn't do well lol.

smolinsk59d ago

Yes will surprise us that it's even more horrible then we thought.

Bleucrunch59d ago

LOL! #Savage and yet, I completely agree, screw Konami.

jjaassoonnh58d ago

You have to pay for a second save file now that's surprising.
actually its fuckonami so guess not so much

MrVux00059d ago

It has already surprised us by existing...


It’s actually not that bad.

Unreal0159d ago

Apparently you're not allowed an opinion it seems.

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The story is too old to be commented.