PSN Deals: Massive North American Sale With Up To 75% Off Top PSVR Games, Plus EA Publisher Sale

There’s a brand new sale this week on the North American PlayStation Store for PS Plus subscribers that should be of particular note to PlayStation VR owners as well as fans of EA's various franchises.

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Spikeantestor300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

I've been checking in on every PSN sale every week (and once a month for Flash deals) for years and can confirm this is not a ""

SuperSonic91300d ago

The massive flash bang sale was last week.
Titanfall 2 Ultimate $12
Infamous Second Son $8
Uncharted 4 $20
FFXV $20
Super Meat Boy$1.50

sprinterboy300d ago

The ea sale here in the UK has swbf2 at £24.99 and the separate deluxe upgrade at £7.99 but if you buy both in the bundle instead £34.99 lol, plus there's a shit load of p2w weapon and cards on sale in there.

jmc8888300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

decent vr sale

dirt rally vr $17.99, reg 69.99 us
rez infinite 14.99, reg 29.99
doom vfr 20.99, reg 29.99
skyrim vr 41.99, reg 59.99
The Invisible Hours 14.99 , reg 29.99