Sign Me Up - The Rise of the Subscription

With first-party games heading to Xbox Game Pass on day one, has Microsoft made an industry-changing move?

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fiveby9297d ago

I find that Game Pass has really hurt Games with Gold. MS has no incentive to put better titles in Games with Gold. I tried Game Pass for a couple months when MS had the deep discount for 1 month. I just don't like that if I don't keep paying MS I lose access. Somehow I have to imagine MS figures they will make more money off subscription access than purchases. MS isn't aiming to reduce revenue. So on the surface, it seems cheap but in the long run, maybe not so much. And of course, the price of a subscription can also increase. So 3 years from now it might not be $10/month. Maybe it's a generational thing. Kids with little money look at what they can get now versus how much they will pay long term. Kinda like buying things based on what the monthly payment is versus what the item actually costs.