Pocket Gamer: Party Island: Pool 2-in-1 Review

No-one pops down the pub to play a game of pool just to play a game of pool. Pool is a game that, whether in 8-ball, 9-ball, or insert-your-own- preference-here-ball form, people can multi-task with; it's perfectly possible to watch the footie, drink a pint or two and catch up with your mates whilst managing to hold your own on the pool table. That's no reflection on the game itself, but rather on its place in our everyday life. What is pool without all the dressing that comes with it?

That's something Digital Chocolate clearly agrees with, though the studio hasn't opted to surround it's latest pool title – Party Pool (or Pool 2-in-1) –with soggy beer mats or local drunks propping up the bar. Instead, its take on pool sits neatly beside bikini-clad beauties and toned young men flashing their flesh in shorts; this is a party where pool is played by the side of the pool, and any beer bellies and lager louts are left outside.

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