360 battered PS3 in the US last month, says Pachter

Michael Pachter just predicted the following sales for the US in September:

600,000 Wii, 300,000 Xbox 360 and 175,000 PS3 consoles

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Genesis53691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Patcher might get one right. Though after big price cuts across the board it dosen't take a genius to figure that out. I think the PS3 numbers will be over 200k though.

PirateThom3691d ago

Every month this year, it's been the opposite to what Pachter said.

So, he's at least got the order right this time!

B-Rein3691d ago

its becouse of the price drop, it has become the cheaped hd console ever now at only £129.99, damn that is ever soo cheap

(but it dues get expensive if ya wanna get the acc that u need to get the experience of the 360)

leila013691d ago

I predict 200-240k for the PS3, 240-300k for the 360. You'll see ;)

GVON3691d ago

I don't think this will surprise anyone if the sales prove to be correct,I think it's obvious it will sell more at a lower price.

ThanatosDMC3691d ago

I'm still annoyed that people like Patcher get paid a lot of money by pulling numbers out of their asses.

"Pay me 100k a year, and i'll predict you future 50% of the time!"

Bangladesh3691d ago

It's Michael Pachter, expect the 360 to be 400,000 and the PS3 to be 125k-150k.

karlostomy3690d ago

360 = 500000
ps3 = -100000 (trading in their ps3s for 360s)

and why wouldn't they? ... after that bioshock debacle.... sheesh!

PimpHandStrong3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

thats all they could pull off!


When PS3 hits 300 bucks its going to push well over that and anyway

this is Pachter

so im guessing
PS3= 185,000-200,00
ADD ON....thought i would add the range im thinking

closing the gap doesnt matter unless you think the 360 will still be sold in 8 years! Sony has said its not a sprint and they will still be selling PS3's in 7-8 years

leyego3690d ago

i agree somewhat
170-210k for the PS3
270-340k for the 360
are my bets tho

The Makr3690d ago

I think the Xbox will pull it off with the Holdiay boost they will get.

mikeslemonade3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

It's gonna be which company who supplies retailers with the most systems. This holiday both systems are going to be sold out regardless of price drop.

Last year PS3 outsold 360 and they never outsold the 360 in the U.S. This year the margin has grew larger where PS3 outsells the 360 for 7 months, the margin of the victory in Europed widened, and in Japan was consistent, so at a worldwide standpoint no matter what happens PS3 will beat 360 again this year.

ravinash3690d ago

After years chasing after the Playstations share of the market, they can see that ever so slowly, PS3 was catching up.
Now MS are changing tack and are now going after the Wii's market. What this will mean is cheaper consoles and cheaper, low budget games.
You will see less games like Halo and Bioshock that aren't cross platform, and more like Viva Pinyada and smaller games. Great for casual gamers, not so great for Hard core gamers.
Don't believe me? see what MS are doing with Ensemble Studios once they are finished with Halo Wars.

hazeblaze3690d ago

I doubt that his numbers are right.... BUT if the 360 managed to outsell the PS3 by approx 100k, then that basically reverses all the months the PS3 outsold the 360! And of course it gives MS the momentum they needed going into the holiday. The PS3 is my favorite console, but they really have an uphill battle now in terms of market share. I think they're likely to drop the price around KZ2 or GOWIII release... it'll be interesting to see what happens.

3690d ago
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dale13691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

its patcher if he doesn,t get it right this time with the price drop and all the 360 will be dead past christmas,and 300,000 sounds low when compared to mgs4 release with out a price drop

Kleptic3691d ago

yeah I agree...I am expecting the 360 to at least double the PS3 for september...and I am sure MS is also...

in the end that could be better for everyone too...if the 360 crushes the PS3, maybe Sony will finally realize this 'profitability' scheme is only going to destroy momentum that took them nearly a year to build...price drop needed: yesterday...

theKiller3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

but this time its obvious that 360 is leading, but since he says 300k then it either ~350k or ~250k he usually off by ~50k!

any way ps3 demand will be put to test on october, with the release of LBP and socom with bundles, if they couldnt sell 300k then they r in deep trouble, but if they manage to get over 300k or 400k then they r safe and dont need a price cut in this year!!

i think sony need to make the final judgement of the price cut this year in october and stop their stubbornness and make a price cut if its needed!! i know things r not that easy, they r the ones who loose millions if not billions but market share is very important and they can regain the losses easy when they have higher install base!!

am advise for sony is if they cant afford to loose that much money from a price cut and at the same time they dont want to loose market shares then i advise them to make the price cut in december,like this they will have only 1 month of loss and of gaining market share!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

If the 'xBox 360' doesn't beat the 'Wii' in Sales Last Month in the US then it has Failed!!! ;-D
The xBox 360 is Cheaper than the Wii, it should do then??? I don't get it??? ;)

Ben10543690d ago

we still listen to this guy, hes always wrong.
p.s give me some bubbles, i lost 4 for saying that i didnt like Littlebigplanet

razorbladelight3690d ago

I was just at the LBP review and you were the only idiot talking about the X-Box in a PS3 exclusive game article... once again proving that the biggest flame starters are PS3 fans. You need to calm down man.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Er all i was saying you idiot was -
If LBP was a xBox 360 Only game it would get 10/10 from every site???
Sorry but that's the Truth!!!

+I think you'll find the xBox Fans on this are the worse thanks, i'm not as Nasty as them :-/

For over 2 years on this site the xBots ave been trying to bring down the PS3. That's IDIOTIC and PATHETIC!!!
+I am always Calm!!! ;-D

lawman11083690d ago

Anybody need a used Blu-Ray player? Hahahahahahahahhahaha NOT So Merry Christmas for Sony!!!! Hhahahahahahahahahaa

theKiller3690d ago

so true what u said about either the 360 sales and what it should get or about that idiot that pretends he came from the sky and have no fanoyish blood in him, the fact that he attacked u because u said the true about if 360 doesnt outsell wii in USA then its in deep trouble, shows that he is a bot him self and cant take the constant attacks from ps3 fans and the constant negative news for 360 and good news for ps3!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3690d ago

I think they just want us to stand here and take it!!! ;-D
I didn't start to comment on this to bring down the xBox 360 + Micro$oft like most of the well known people on this who want to Destroy the PS3 + SONY??? Er why??? I just try and Defend the PlayStation Brand on this;)
+It looks like he is a Nintendo Fan??? Yeah stick up for M$ and they will try and Kill off the Wii and Nintendo to!!!
Man some people... :-/

All i'm saying is the xBox 360 SHOULD beat the Wii in the US last month(It's cheaper) If not, Why not???

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Robearboy3691d ago

Sony needs more that LBP to help them this Holiday season, not really the best of news for them especially when trying to close the sales gap. Im sure there will be a price drop sometime next year and with the quality titles due out in 2009, its not game over just yet.
Cant believe that 600,000 people actually bought a wii, i just dont see what it brings to the table apart from fooling fatties into thinking they can lose weight

shadowghost7523691d ago

"fooling fatties into thinking they can lose weight "

lol, bubbles for you

ontopic- i'm not sure if the margin will be that big (125,000 consoles) but anyway isn't this guy usually wrong?

bababrooks3691d ago

As a dad i have no problem with the wii, it teaches the kids hand to eye coordination and gives them many hours of is not my console of choice though but then again who cares!

KingME3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

If Pachter picks your console to be on top, you have something to worry about. This guy is like a walking jinx. I think an upset is in the making here.

SixTwoTwo3691d ago

Thats what pricecuts do.

rogimusprime3690d ago

when you sell a cheap, stripped down version with no hard drive or wireless connectivity out of the box, make people buy an expensive proprietary drive and other accessories and you get a pretty good example of the term "nickel and dime".

Maybe Sony should start selling wireless add ons and box with no HD so they can move units too. Consumers are so stupid.

I've got both systems (ps3 and xbox 360) so I'm not biased. I think the ps3 gives you more for your money these days. if only they would throw in an HDMI cable.

Back on topic, this is just patchers side job, it's not like he makes his money on predicting video game sales, so don't expect him stick by his numbers with conviction.

PimpDaddy3690d ago

Contradict much? You just ran the 360 into the ground. Then claim your not biased by saying you own a PS3 and a 360. Then go on to talk up the PS3.

Ya I'm pretty sure it doesn't get more biased than that.

Death3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

If you buy the striped down $199 Arcade and then decide you wanted the storage of an Elite, you can buy the 120 gig HDD as an accessory and actually save money since it will cost $50 less than the Elite. How is saving money being nickel and dimed?


JokesOnYou3691d ago

Where can I get a job making good money and be wrong 90% of the time?


PirateThom3691d ago

The internet. It even allows people like Pachter to become celebrities.

If I start posting my predictions, maybe I'll become famous:

Wii 475K
Xbox 360 330K
PlayStation 3 224K
Nintendo DS 537K
PlayStation Portable 276K

FreestyleBarnacle3691d ago

Just out of curiosity did you simply pull those numbers out of your arse? If you end up being closer than Patcher will you advise him to follow this new technique? Then he could get paid to spend most of his time twiddling his thumbs. He'll eventually get bored and do some online shopping thus kick starting the economy and bringing us out of recession. The global feeling of relief this creates would cause world peace. How cool would that be?

PirateThom3691d ago

I looked at past months sales data and compared it with last years, taking into account the global financial climate, price drops, game releases and consumer reactions to the products.

But mostly, I just pulled the numbers out of my ass.

On a site I'm on, we have a sale figures competition, where we see who is closes to the actual numbers. Pachter is always way off the trend, rarely in the top 10. I was first last month.

JokesOnYou3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Why didn't I think of that, OK my turn....

Wii= about 500K, + or - 100k
Xbox 360= 300K, uhm or it could be 250k or maybe eve 400k
PlayStation 3= anywhere in the neighborhood of 175-300K
Nintendo DS= 0, every kid already has one and in this economy adults are too broke
PlayStation Portable= 275,998 exactly not 1 more or less sold

ha ha look Ma I made a few pre-dic*-sons, I'm infamous now!


aiphanes3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Wii= about 525k
Xbox 360= 285k
PlayStation 3= 200k
Nintendo DS lite= 225k
PlayStation Portable= 270k

And I predict there will be a PS3 price cut in at least $50 probably $100.

Captain_Sony3690d ago

PS3 sadly isnt getting a price cut. Sony has not only stated it numerous times but you can look at their past/future bundles and upgrades for not only PS3 but PSP also as proof if this.. Cutting the price is not their focus, they seem to be more interested in adding things to make people feel that the current price is worth it.

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