Hirai: Games will survive credit crunch

From CVG:

The games industry will be "resilient" during the global credit crisis, says PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Hirai said that he expects hard-pushed consumers to spend money on cheap home entertainment rather than go out.

"As long as we can generate excitement, then we will be less affected than other industries," he said. "We're getting to the point where price becomes more important".

Bizarrely contradicting his last statement, Kaz says that Sony has no plans to cut the price of the PlayStation 3 - currently the most expensive of the current-gen consoles - before Christmas.

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hotshot1273691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

as long as its in his head to slash that price, because if sony drops by at least 50 and just holds off possibly even through 09 christmas, they'll be all set.

360 will run out of games exclusive games only relying on dlc as there already starting to show with devs going the way of multiplatform while gamers start to see exclusive games only coming out on the playstation three.

mikeslemonade3691d ago

Movies gained in 2001. At hard times like this people like to try escape reality and something different than in 2001 is gas, so people are more likely to stay home and play games.

whoelse3690d ago

The current economic climate is the worst its been for a very long time.

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PimpHandStrong3691d ago

they will cut the price next September!

Maybe June


They are going to let this cycle of exclusives run its corse b4 they cut price

sinncross3691d ago

you know, just because he says price is important doesn't mean they have to drop their prices.

IF the PS3 sold at a cheaper price Sony would lose tons of money... in this given situation the same applies. By important pricing, he doesn't mean units that could potentially be sold. He means what a company can gain... remember, if they sell the PS3 at even more of a loss then the credit crunch could actually hurt Sony a lot.

This is what he's talking about.

gumgum993691d ago

I think we should all be a little more open minded about this decision. Take the movie industry, for starters; blu-ray is essentially exploding in appeal. Not only that, the prices of other stand alone players are right around the corner of the 400$ price tag. When considering that and the "blu-ray and PS3" promotion at places like best buy, It all becomes clear what Kaz Hirai-san really means by "comparing apples to apples..."

It may not make a whole lot of sense from the perspective of the games industry, but to the average consumer, who's eager to upgrade his entertaiment system before Febuary, and has kids, it makes a whole lot of sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.