Why You Should Play The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "Considering how much content is on offer in Hearts of Stone, you really would have to be only a passing fan in the Witcher 3 game to not pick this pack up. With almost 20 hours worth of additional interesting story, characters and quests this is a bargain and will allow you to keep playing this historic game for much longer"

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TheOptimist298d ago

Not just the amount of content, but the quality of content is so good. Some story beats of HoS are better than the main game itself, and the overall plot is definitely something like I have rarely seen before.

Hardiman298d ago

Agree and this is my game of the generation so far! I played through the main campaign for two years and am going through Hearts of Stone now!

ufo8mycat297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

The Witcher 3 + the expansions and The Last of Us, remain the pinnacle of gaming in the last decade for me. Such amazing experiences.

It’s just a shame this type of quality and passion that are put into games nowadays, is not even close to what these games achieve.

CD Projekt Red is how small? and look at what they achieved.

Elda297d ago

I wished I could have gotten into TW3 but after 2 attempts of trying the game & no shade but I just don't see what everyone else does.

littletad297d ago

You have to invest in it for a while. After a few level ups and better gear, the game changes dramatically. Literally, everything from combat and the knowledge of the skill tree will become more apparent and clear by then. It's a slow start, yeah, but extremely worth it.

2ndhandcorn297d ago

Just too much work for me got through the first bit of dialogue have not been back lol.

Dark-soul297d ago

way overrated game, very borring and medicore experience, tiresome dialogues, bad game engine, slow and so on, many negatives in this game, seems like, only polish and british like it, becouse villagers in game look like them :)

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