Video Games and Violence: Blaming Media Does a Disservice to Victims

Is there a link between video games and violence? Mental health and mass shootings? Decades of research and court cases may provide evidence for some surprising conclusions.

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Parasyte24d ago

Absolutely! The PMRC tried this in the 80s and 90s with music and video games. That is why we have the ESRB today. It didn't work then, and it won't work now!

bigmalky24d ago

Funnily enough, it's usually the media to blame for this sort of violence. They push the norms in society, and if you don't fit, you're potentially bullied.

Just think, the media have pushed celebrity culture for a long time, reality TV where people are nasty to each other for ratings and bitchiness and so on glorified. It has taught bullying is entertaining in adult culture and so it must be okay in everyday life. Materialism, what weight you should be, pitting gender against gender, race against race, child against adult, right against left (they tend to show extremes, rather than those right or left of the middle who are the majorities)...

The media thrive on controversy and have more impact on society than movies, fictional TV and games have on people. They are moulding society... So if anyone should take any blame, it's the media.

There are obviously more factors to it, like mental health and so on, but I imagine school shootings are a result of more than just a kid grabbing a gun for fun and killing. Bullying and the sense of detachment from society and your peers would be major factors.

Emperor24d ago

I think only a handful of politicians and their media personality defenders are blaming video games this time. One year ago Donald Trump made it substantially easier for mentally ill people to own guns, this is something they are desperately trying to deflect.

bigmalky24d ago

And every previous president never did anything about shootings either...

Trump is an idiot, but lets stop using him as an excuse for all the world's woes. It's idiocy in itself to keep going back to the same blame game.

Obama, Bush Sr. And Jr., Reagan, Clinton and so on... These atrocities happened under all their noses.

Emperor23d ago

My comment was limited to Trump supporters deflecting the fact that he overturned a law which made it difficult for severely mentally ill people to buy guns.

TheOttomatic9124d ago

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