Bayonetta Is Nintendo's Baby Now, IDC What the Birth Certificate Says

Bayonetta is a great franchise, no matter what system it is on. But Bayonetta's place in the public eye owes a lot to its nurturing from Nintendo. It feels more like a Nintendo franchise than a SEGA one.

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DivineAssault 246d ago

Yup and if nintendo is smart, theyll use that relationship with platinum to make some fantastic other games to add in quality M rated exclusive software..

Michiel1989245d ago

Not so sure about that, most of their games are fast paced action games which require high fps to be played properly. If they want those games on all 3 consoles it basically means creating a different version for the switch. With bayo 2 they had the luxury to only create a Wii U version and the switch version is barely any different from it graphically.

I hope the switch gets the love from Platinum that they deserve, though im a bit skeptical about it.

Tigerblud245d ago

Nier could easily run on Switch.

TallonIV245d ago

Nier could easily run on Switch.

DarXyde244d ago

You realize just about any game can run at 60fps, yes? It's just about making compromises elsewhere to make it happen.

Likewise, games can look truly outstanding... If you're willing to sacrifice performance elsewhere.

ThatGuyDart245d ago

As a PlayStation owner In glad Nintendo saved this franchise. Even though I can't play it I'm happy it still exists.

Plus we have Nier Automata anyway :)

Segata245d ago

Switch will have Bayonetta and this E3 PS4 will have DMC5. Everyone should be happy but someone will complain just because.

michellelynn0976240d ago

Nier and Baonetta are both awesome.

PhoenixUp245d ago

I still wish Sega would’ve included Bayonetta in their other crossovers like Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed and Project X Zone 1&2

DJK1NG_Gaming245d ago

Well whenever Project X Zone 3 comes to Switch she could be added.

Segata245d ago

Just make PXZ3 a fighting game.

FallenAngel1984245d ago

So what’s with Nintendo not releasing Bayonetta 1 & 2 both on carts, seeing how they’reheavily invested in this franchise?

You’d think they wouldn’t do the same practice that third party publishers do with collections on Switch where one game is on the cart while the other is a download so they don’t have to spend money on a more costly larger cart size, but alas even Nintendo doesn’t want to release games on a bigger cartridge.

CrimsonWing69245d ago

Oh they did release both on carts... in Japan.

_-EDMIX-_245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

"So what’s with Nintendo not releasing Bayonetta 1 & 2 both on carts"

That might be a choice made by Sega and not Nintendo, who knows and they did in Japan as Crimson has pointed out

FallenAngel1984245d ago

They should’ve done so worldwide

Einhander1971245d ago

Indeed Nintendo and Platinum together a match made in heaven. Now bring us Vanquish and a sequel:)

Michiel1989245d ago

Vanquish was amazing though I think it wasnt very profitable for them. Would love to see a sequel on any console, as long as it happens.

SR388245d ago

Ninty should own the vanquish franchise aswell and make 2

InTheZoneAC245d ago

Vanquish, a game that just has that generic sega feel. Not to mention the protagonist has to smoke every 5 minutes.

SinkingSage244d ago

>generic sega feel

InTheZoneAC244d ago


it's hard to explain, but after I played a little and before I looked it up I said to myself, "this feels like a sega game". Something about the art style, animations, and controls. I eliminated it being other publishers off that and it didn't feel like a top tier quality game. I guess platinum games has that distinction, but I only say it has that sega feeling because they're the publishers.

bolimekurac245d ago

ive never seen so much ass kissing in gaming as i have in the last year with the nintendo switch.
its a half assed home console and a decent on the go device with limited battery power, 720 screen, no online yet, 3rd party games are downgraded big time. its doing well and thats great for it, kudos to them and they will stretch out the big hits and keep it going im sure but lets not kid ourselves, everyone is giving this thing a pass on power meanwhile we have idiots on gaming sites fighting over resolution on ps4 and xbox, so which is it, power or games or what. if a game on ps4 or xbox is missing one slight thing there is article after article ripping it but nintendo gets a game on the switch no matter what it is and its nothing but praises no matter how downgraded a game is

Father__Merrin245d ago

I agree it's really overhyped. Apart from zelda and Mario there's nothing else much on it. The online is ridiculous, and all this on the go nonsense I'd like to know people's ages I think there kids.

I've not seen anyone take out a switch at work or in town centers

The 10th Rider245d ago

"Apart from zelda and Mario there's nothing else much on it."

Mario + Rabbids? Xenoblade? Splatoon 2? Arms? Bomberman? Golf Story? Plenty of other ports or non-exclusive games as well.

-Foxtrot245d ago

“I've not seen anyone take out a switch at work or in town centers“

Not seen a single one myself, I still see 3DS and even 2DS being taken out of people’s pockets

If most people aren’t taking it out like the 3DS then what’s the point, should have made a full on console without worrying about the second screen.

I’d rather see a 3DS successor

marloc_x245d ago work with several others here☺

TekoIie245d ago (Edited 245d ago )


"Not seen a single one myself"

Meaning what exactly? You've not seen one in public which means what?

Vegamyster245d ago

Over hyped? I guess people are forgetting the numerous article stating it would fail lol.

-Foxtrot245d ago


Dude chill your bean I’m just agreeing with that point he’s made.

On the attack much...

DaFeelz245d ago

You must not live in LA then.

JLynn943245d ago

I'm on a college campus, and I see Switches pretty regularly in common areas.

Strafe245d ago

Lol, Foxtrot hasn't seen it, the all seeing eye. Pfft, you're a nobody, no one cares what you see.

TekoIie245d ago


Not attacking. Why so defensive?

Was really wondering what this anecdote means if some people say they've not seen one in public. But I guess you didn't necessarily think it that far >.>

-Foxtrot245d ago

Lol I agree with a point someone made and suddenly it’s like I’ve said “my word matters”

I literally only said “not seen any myself”....that’s it. I say that but you guys getting defensive see “I’ve never seen any so obviously it’s not that popular since my word counts”

Do you guys just see things which aren’t there so you can reply with something

Jesus N4G fanboy talk in a nutshell

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TekoIie245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

"but lets not kid ourselves, everyone is giving this thing a pass on power meanwhile we have idiots on gaming sites fighting over resolution on ps4 and xbox, so which is it, power or games or what."

It's probably power for you isn't it? Seeing as you've come into a Bayonetta article and then just started talking about resolution and 3rd parties being downgraded.

So whag relevance does that have to the topic of Bayonetta becoming more associated with Nintendo than Sega?

MeteorPanda245d ago

Its called a a comment section related to the switch.

TekoIie245d ago


Oh my bad I didn't realise you could talk about the Xbox one and PS4 in a Nintendo comment section related to switch for an article that I don't think even mentions them.

dripdrop30245d ago

I've actually seen quite a few people with their switches out around my campus. I guess it just depends where you live..

deafdani245d ago

Yeah, compare the power of a portable to stationary consoles 8x its size. Makes sense!

Everything else you said is equally silly.

septemberindecember245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

“everyone is giving this thing a pass on power meanwhile we have idiots on gaming sites fighting over resolution on ps4 and xbox, so which is it, power or games or what”

It has been, and will always be, games first and foremost for the majority gamers.

bolimekurac245d ago

that wasnt the case for the last 4 years though, it was about that 200p difference, so which is it

septemberindecember245d ago (Edited 245d ago )


For the beginning of this generation most of the games on both consoles were exactly the same, with a few exclusives here and there. This is why resolution differences were talked about so heavily, because game libraries were so similar.

Now the game libraries are much more different, in part because many third party studios are making exclusive content for PS4. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how different the Switch’s library is from either.

TallonIV245d ago

Lmao off that was a funny read, you should consider working for CNN.

DJK1NG_Gaming244d ago

- Best Portable System
- It Has Online
- The Battery Power is the same as 3DS and Vita but varies depending on how demanding the game is.
- False. Third Party games aren't downgraded big time.

Proof you don't own a Switch.

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