FFXII & FFXIII Characters In Dissidia? Why Not?

Although the official cast list for Dissidia has now been confirmed and games ranging from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy X will be the only to have featured characters, that doesn't mean there isn't scope for characters from other games to appear.

Square Enix has never been shy about having characters appear as cameos and/or unlockables and there is a strong possibility that they could do the same with Dissidia: Final Fantasy. IGN even hinted at it last year during their post-Tokyo Game Show report.

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sinncross3688d ago

um, did the director already say that FFX was the last FF when this game went into production which is why only character from FF1 - 10 would be in the game?

mirroredderorrim3688d ago

Is Dissidia coming out for other consoles??

Why is this under Xbox 360 and PS3/PS2?

PlayStation3603688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

This way, you can DL extra characters. Yeah, yeah, I know many hate pay-per-player (Pain, Motorstorm, etc.). But I would love to see Rikku (X/X2), Fran (XII), Ashe (XII), Vaan (XII), and many others to be playable. If they aren't included at the time of release, include 'em later on. :)