Why Kingdom Come: Deliverance is Better Than Critic Scores Suggest

BacklogCritic: "KC:D is indeed better than the average score suggests, but it is also a fiercely niche RPG that many gamers will probably not enjoy, and that’s fine."

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smolinsk269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Its alot better, ist only the bugs thats hurting the game a little

joab777268d ago

There are some bugs, but the dynamic gameplay and attention to detail are a breath of fresh air today. I think of these guys as CDPR after The Witcher. Pushing forward and evolving the genre.

Let's wait and see what we get next from them when they get real money and time to make what they want.

I f$&@&$! love that this happened and worked out!

XbladeTeddy268d ago

Bugs and poorly implemented game mechanics like the shitty horse riding annoy me but still love it.

Eldyraen269d ago

I’m loving it even with its quirks.

I don’t disagree with some of the more marginal reviews however, especially lower end of “good”, because it does have some issues now and again. I might give it a bit higher myself but 7-8 is definitely understandable imo. If performance or some other issues were better it would probably warrant more 8+ reviews on a more steady basis.

Then again, this is a $60 first release Indie game from a new development team, which makes it that much more impressive too. Story as of now seems great, voice actors are better than most (good really), variety of weapons and armor are almost ridiculous, etc in terms of “every day” rpg design. Then you have a crazy behind the scenes design that affects everything which as far as I can remember no single game can compete with. Food, sleep, wounds, cosmetics (clothes, blood, dirt, etc all having an impact on things). Which is both extremely daunting and exciting for an RPG based on “realism”.

Warhorse is basically still a startup, even with its pedigree of individuals and smaller groups that might have joined them; and I think it’s a Dev to watch on par with 4A (Metro) and could go even bigger like cd project (Witcher—which definitely had something pre-W3 but W1 to W3 is a huge divergence all around). Warhorse went big on their first game and hope it pays off—while also seeing more support as there are some issues that still need ironed out.

It is a bit more niche however so we will have to see how that plays out. I’m glad it’s already fast approaching towards profitability after selling only 500k copies in days. Shows you what an indie can achieve with just a dream and a much smaller sales count than what is usually considered “great” by big publishers. I’d love to see what they could do with an even bigger budget if 500k is enough to close in on profitability.

HyperMouse268d ago

The kickstarter pledge was - 35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life, the game is around $80 in Aus, they dont get 100% of what they sell but id say they have done very well,

Link2DaFutcha268d ago

I have about 10 Hour in it so far and it's one of the more immersive games I've played. Totally invested in the story, there are definitely some weird glitches, but I haven't found anything game breaking yet, mostly just funny things. RPG elements are some of the best just in terms of how everything you do contributes to your growth. I'd love to see the "practice makes perfect" kind of leveling show up in more games. You want to get good at archery? well you're going to have to use a crappy bow and practice a lot to get that skill up and be able to use better equipment. Excited to see how the updates help some of the glitchyness, but for now I'm having a great time. Can't wait to see what this studio churns out next.

neutralgamer1992268d ago

Are there different difficulty options in game ?

268d ago
RavenWolfx268d ago

Wait a month or so before playing so the patches are out. It is a fun but very frustrating game the way it is now.

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