Kingdom Come Beats The Witcher 3's Highest CCU Peak on Steam

It's a showdown between Kingdom Come vs The Witcher 3, as the former achieves a very impressive number of concurrent players on the Steam platform.

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Eldyraen301d ago

To be fair... the Devs of Witcher 3 own their own distribution service which is probably the second most popular one on pc. Plus it’s drm free there (as are most games sold there) so it doesn’t need to be tracked like games on Steam are by default.

So it’s not really a very good comparison. Not knocking KCD as I love it and wish them the best but in this case Steam isn’t a very good judge of success (direct comparison wise). Still some good news though.

Bladesfist301d ago

I bought the witcher 3 from GoG just because it said the developers would get a bigger cut from the sale.