Nintendo Releasing Ports for the Nintendo Switch is Smart

Nintendo Releasing Ports for the Nintendo Switch is Smart, considering so little people got to play them because of the lack of success of the Wii U, as these were fantastic games. Now they have that chance for the first time.

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guywazeldatatt238d ago

All of these games will really be a great addition to the Switch collection. If only now they could do a Xenosaga Collection..which would be awesome.

Gameseeker_Frampt238d ago

This is a response to your later post saying "i don't think remasters or whatnot are bad, but when it's the only content that a console has (and that was the case early this gen), well, then there's a problem."

Are you serious?!!! Do you really think that nobody remembers the games that came out in 2014?

Wolfenstein: The New Order
Watch Dogs
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Alien: Isolation
The Evil Within
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Far Cry 4
The Crew

These are just some of the biggest games of 2014. I've also left out exclusives and yearly games. Nobody was stuck playing just ports early this gen and only desperate fanboys are trying to rewrite history. Nintendo themselves have already put out more ports on the Switch than all of the 3rd party ports combined (6 total) put out for the PS4/XB1 in 2014. Sony and Microsoft each put out just 1 port in 2014.

SuperSonic91237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Wasn't the Wii U a PortStation of Nintendo exclusive itself in its early years?
Was that a smart move?
The problem is they charge full price for old games.
Nintendo sure knows how to extract maximum profit from their loyal fanbase.
PlayStation sells fully remade or remastered games for half price. Now that is a ver smart move imho.

Melankolis237d ago

Smart move doesn't always mean honorable move. And that's not always a bad thing.
Never have gamecube or wii or wii u, so i would like to see mario sunshine, galaxy, donkey kong, xenoblade to be remastered.

indysurfn237d ago

Here is 77 of them mentioned in a article buy GAME say it is NOT a comprehensive list.

_-EDMIX-_237d ago

you'd have to ask Namco Bandi for that one

indysurfn237d ago

It was SMART when Xbox and PS4 did it early in their life cycle for the first two years. But suddenly it is getting on peoples nerve? Why? If you have the original DONT get a port! Big deal!

Nyxus238d ago

Wait a second, this is from the same site that wrote:

"One has to remember that for the first year of this generation, almost nothing else came out other than remasters from the previous generation."

But when it's for the Switch it's a good thing all of a sudden?

lptmg238d ago

because very few people owned a Wii U and the damn thing had an amazing library full of underrated stuff, now on-the-go? Not that I fully agree with the article but it is kind of a nice move imo.

Nyxus238d ago

There are also people who didn't play the PS4 and XB1 remasters before. And actually, several Wii U titles sold milions of copies, like MK8 for example. More than many of the games that were ported to the other consoles.

guywazeldatatt238d ago

that's what i was going for for the most part

Nyxus238d ago

@ Darklink: it's still the same principle and it's still hypocritical to bash the PS4 and praise the Switch for doing the same thing.

Majin-vegeta238d ago

Cuz this guy has been pushing switch agenda don't believe loom at their past articles😂

Nyxus238d ago

You can say that again. Some of these articles read like pure propaganda.

Neonridr238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

right.. that's rich coming from N4G. No agendas around these parts right? Give me a break.

Nyxus238d ago

@ Neonridr: Uhm, I don't often see a site on here with such a clear and blatant bias in their articles. This is about the website itself, not comments on N4G.

Neonridr238d ago

Difference is you went from an install base of 80-90 million on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Wii U came from 13 million, which means FAR less people already played these games. On the other systems the remasters were not first party titles, but 3rd party titles.. which were a little more readily available.

I don't mind them either way, but I agree with the article that it's smart. There were some awesome games on Wii U that now have a real chance of being played and selling well.

Nyxus238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

I get that some people missed them, but that goes for any remaster on any console.You can't just say far less people played them, that depends entirely on the game. Take Mario Kart 8 for example, it sold 8+ million on Wii U. So, actually a lot of people already played it before it was ported to the Switch. The point is, if people applaud remasters and ports for the Switch, they shouldn't complain about them on other systems either. There will always be people who missed them regardless of install base, and for those a remaster can be a welcome addition. That goes for the Switch, but also for the PS4 and Xbox One. I think it's hypocritical to slam them on one system and praise them on another.

Neonridr238d ago

yeah Mario Kart is probably the lone example of an extremely successful game getting a re-release on the Switch. But they improved some areas of game and gave us the entire package, so I don't mind that.

again, this is just one person's opinion, I never once slammed re-releases, I just don't buy them if I don't want to.

Nyxus238d ago

@ Neonridr: games like Hyrule Warriors and Pokken Tournament didn't do bad on the Wii U either. And I don't mind remasters either, I just think people should be coherent and not slam them on one console and praise them on another (not saying you do this but the author of this article does).

guywazeldatatt238d ago

the wii u had a fantastic lineup and it's a great way to give non-wii u owners but switch owners the chance to play them.

guywazeldatatt238d ago

it goes moreso for the wii u since only 13 million people owned it. the switch has already surpassed it.

AspiringProGenji237d ago

That's BS. Those ports this site so against before weren't played by a lot of people either, especially people from another console. It is the same practice here, but Nintendo gets a pass? Not surprises there. This site has been pushing Nintendo agendas forever, and he thinks the Internet forgets. Next article we'll see is him praising U4 after making several articles one after another against is shortly after release

Neonridr237d ago

@Aspiring - you mean as opposed to this site which is clearly pushing Pro Sony agendas? The remasters we get on PS4/XB1 are games that were available on the PS3/360, which had massive install bases. Sometimes these games sold millions of copies, but are getting double or even triple dipped.

The Wii U had a tiny install base, and many opted to skip the system altogether. Some of these games deserve to be played. Switch will have a considerably larger install base, thus more opportunities for these games to be played.

Some games deserve to be remastered and re-released, I don't discount that. But with Nintendo it's all first party software basically that is getting re-released. With the PS4 and XB1 it's primarily 3rd party software that is getting that treatment.

AspiringProGenji237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

This site does not make the news. You are only referring to the comment and the majority of people here who are PS4 supporters, while here we are talking about this article

It doesn’t matter if the Wii u failed, it is the same principle of remaster and re selling here. You are either With it, or you are not regardless of who is doing. Unfortunately for Darklink the Internet never forgets and he is being a hypocrite

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guywazeldatatt238d ago

totally different circumstances

_-EDMIX-_237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

but folks are talking about the practice, not the install base the gen prior. Either its ok for all or its not

Sono421237d ago

You have to remember this is Nintendo, they get a pass for literally everything.

Neonridr237d ago

riiiiiiiiight. Nobody judges them harshly at all around here.

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PhoenixUp238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

In another article you stated

“This Console Generation For the Most Part isn't Fun, as remasters have plagued it”

Now you’re saying that remasters are smart

Make up your mind dude.

guywazeldatatt238d ago

i don't think remasters or whatnot are bad, but when it's the only content that a console has (and that was the case early this gen), well, then there's a problem. nintendo has plenty of content other than these few ports they're releasing.

Nyxus238d ago

@ Darklink: that was never the case.

guywazeldatatt238d ago

that's not the title of the article, and different circumstances. you should really learn to take things in context..

Sono421237d ago

You should learn to acknowledge your extreme bias.

PhoenixUp238d ago

I am taking things into context and it’s wrong in any way to say that remasters can be seen as a plague on a system’s library.

The other consoles also had other content besides ports, yet you tried to chastise them for having rereleases while now you’re praising Switch for having them.

The double standard seems strong.

SuperSonic91237d ago

Nintendo Propaganda Agenda
They made up their mind already
#grabbingwind #graspingstraws

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O-D-C238d ago

I agree these are great games and underplayed but as a Wii U owner that bought nearly all 1st party games I am a bit less excited for all these ports.

FallenAngel1984238d ago

Rereleasing games on a system has always been a welcomed tradition for various generations now, this is nothing new

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