Sony Dates European Q4 Line-Up

MCV: "Resistance 2, SingStar Vol. 3 and LocoRoco 2 all out in November"

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Silogon3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I know this is the UK, but I feel Sony just doesn't have enough content and software this holiday. It seems bare as hell in November and december.

Little Big Planet
Motorstorm 2

Are all out in like the span of 2 weeks in America. Then what? It seems they've spread themselves too thin. I just wonder if home is going to be a selling point now that various developers are getting on board with it.

Think about it, with the right advertising, you might buy a resident Evil 5 on Ps3 over the xbox 360 version for the exclusive home room and features it's going t offer.

Sony needs to push this stuff. It shouldn't come down to a consumer suprise or perk when they open the Ps3, if they bought one. It should be a reason to buy 1 and the only way to make that known is by advertising it.

In the end, I wish Sony had more exclusive content for their system this year.

Capt CHAOS3686d ago

"Think about it, with the right advertising, you might buy a resident Evil 5 on Ps3 over the xbox 360 version for the exclusive home room and features it's going t offer."

Not so sure. How big a deal is Home, most user just won't care. They want good games and good online play, not some virtual world to wander around in. If I want a virtual world, I play oblivion and I can do that on the PS3 or the 360..

Silogon3686d ago

oh, I hear ya. I'm in the beta for Home and I feel it is a mess. A Train wreck, even. It's just incomplete feeling right now. I am using it as a vessle to sell software should content specifc stuff arrive for home.

Like a Resident Evil room and lobby. A Tekken arean and lobby and stuff like that. Think about a little big planet lobby inside home... You could adjsut stuff on the fly with other users and stuff inside it. Build things with like 30 or so people inside Home in the LBP lobby room.

That's the stuff I'm hoping makes it into Home. Creative stuff. I also like the idea of holding virtual pressers and stuff too. Like all of us meeting at 1 place to watch e-3 for instance, only we won't do it online in front of our PC's; we'll be inside home in front of a virtual screen, presentor and stage.

We'd be the crowd.

that's what I can see in Home right now.

Pennywise3686d ago

Why does everyone forget about SOCOM?

It really is not bad. After the last patch, they did a good job. I have watched the BETA go from horrible to a good game.

B-Rein3686d ago

im mostly intrested in
08 & 09
White Knight Chronicles
NAruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

just 09 and maybe further on
Quantum Theory
Deamon Souls
Yakuza 3

last remnant
Resi 5

Le-mo3686d ago

*Sigh* Once again, Valkyria Chronicles get no love. Buy the game on release day people! Support Sega so we can get a sequel to this awesome game. Go play the demo if you haven't yet. You WILL buy the game.

Tomdc3686d ago

what exactly does 360 have to offer thats better than:

Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2 and Litle big planet?

Pennywise3686d ago

Le-mo I agree this game will be a hit for people who like turn based games. That genre is not for me, but I have played the demo and I LOVE the art direction. I tried to get into it, but it wasnt for me... but you are right, this game needs more love. It is exclusive after all!

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Johnny Cullen3686d ago

I haven't touched the SOCOM beta since a EU Fun Night in September on the PS Forums the day after becoming an MVP...only to have it stripped days later for being underage =(

Tried to update it yesterday but my internet wasn't very good but as it's back to normal, I'll download it sometime later.

GVON3686d ago

well thanks to SCEA and their beta finishing,ours has been switched off,we should get it back up again soon though

Johnny Cullen3686d ago

Just managed to download the update but I can't play.

Sad face =(

GVON3686d ago

like I said

"Sorry, I didn't get to make an anouncement earlier, but I've been dealing with other work related matters this morning. The servers going missing are a result of the SCEA Beta ending, but it is entirely accidental. SCEA are working on resolving the issue as soon as they can, so I'm hoping everything will be working again by this evening.

I appreciate your patience and understanding...


DeZimatoR3686d ago

I agree, everyone ignores SOCOM, but that game has a huge fanbase...

Its got much more potencial to shift systems then...MotorStorm 2 for example.

wazborn3686d ago

i thought there were more titles on ps3.. to be honest after seeing that list on R2 maybe LBP .. but since i am just focused on a hardcore game i would just say R2... i wouldnt count home as a big deal . .since its just a virtual world not a game as such... SONY needs to do something or its gonna be a hell of a cold winter..

GVON3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

there are more games these are just sony published games.we do get the multiplat games you know, it's not just 7 first party exclusives we get.

out of that list I'll get R2,LBP,MS2, with Fallout Deadspace,and with my store games and my beloved GT5p I'm well sorted for games until febuary.

Zip3686d ago

Home schould land in November as well, I mean they already said it will due this calender year

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