AMD To Become Two Companies

Well-known CPU and motherboard manufacturer AMD announced that it will be splitting into two companies. According to a story on NYTimes, this is AMD's drastic effort to maintain its position against its main rival Intel. Apparently, one company will be "focused on designing microprocessors and the other on the costly business of manufacturing them."

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jerethdagryphon3712d ago

not a bad pun
weather the idea is good or not is yet to be seen however i belive a cell structure in business is stronger then a single monolith

urban bohemian3712d ago

AMD are great and everything, but intel have really started to dominate. Competition is good for everyone so hoepfully this helps AMD.

DevastationEve3712d ago

Sounds interesting. The article is very short, so there's not much to go by. In a company, you can have divisions and departments. Having a entire separate entity handling one aspect versus having a separate division inside of a company handling the same aspect may help them with budgets and costs. I don't honestly see too much to benefit from it, but I guess it's to be seen.

Fux4Bux3712d ago

Splitting back into AMD and ATI? What was the point of the merger?

BTW that article sucked.

blu3print3712d ago

you even read the article?, cause if you did you won't have asked that question