Resistance 2 will make it to Australia

DarkZero: The Aussie Board has just rated the game a MA 15+, commenting that the game will contain "strong violence and coarse language", thus letting the game be legally released.

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xhi43688d ago

being so low. I mean a month ago we were .96 cents for a us dollar, which is nearly neck and neck. Now bloody economic crisis!

But even so, it's still 30 dollars cheaper to buy it from overseas

I hope we still get all the gore for Resistance 2!

robotnik3688d ago

Australia should be a great place to live, with all those kangaroos and fresh air.

Jamegohanssj53688d ago

I saw the title and completely laughed. It's sad how Australia is so strict on gaming.


Overr8ed3688d ago

yea they are strict with gaming. I dont think that they can play Gears of War 2.

Overr8ed3688d ago

good for the Aussie Resistance Fans (they would have imported anyways). But dang is that thing going to cost a lot.